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  1. Crowsauce


    Well Norseman and I are looking for a competitive team to play with. I have a 2.23 KDR and Norse is around a 2.0. We both have Black Ops and MW2. XBL : FilthyCrow XBL : ObviouslyOdin (Norseman) So if you need us just add us to your friends list.
  2. Well I for one am happy that Zipper will ensure that I can dance on someones body for a longer duration rather than concentrate on the party system.
  3. Crowsauce


    Due to the PSN crashing, the extended wait on a Socom party system and the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality a couple of us over at bought xbox's. The XBL interface is really top notch and we are having a blast playing BO. So with that said if anyone is interested in playing with some rag tag players add FilthyCrow and Obviouslyodin (Norseman325). There are a couple other apk'ers (AVR off hand) as well but I lost track of their XBL account. Anyhow, have a great week.
  4. Hello UF, Some of you know me, Bunni and Norseman, some of you do not. At any rate, a couple of us designed a team for competitive play in COD MW2/Black Ops/Socom 4. So, for the people who know us and the term "douchebag, a$$hat, etc.." doesnt come screaming out of your mouth we invite you to stop by our site and say hello and for those who do not know us we invite you to stop by and say hello as well. Have a great week. Crow
  5. Crowsauce


    But it's good it got cleared up. Have a nice weekend. Thanks man, you too.
  6. Crowsauce


    To begin with, I did not come in here and throw shit on the wall at UF. The people I was playing with said they were part of the UF community, which I doubted to begin with. I know plenty of people and clans inside this community and thinks it is a great environment. I stated I was with hollowground and when I made my account to be honest I did not know how to throw the tag in front of my name. I enjoy this website and thank you for allowing me to have access to it. Several posts have claimed they are not part of your community and I apologize for the post. Thanks.
  7. Crowsauce


    I stated I was with Hollowground. I checked the xmb just remember the clan tag not the names. At any rate, thanks for the quick responses.
  8. Crowsauce


    eh, then nvm. Have a nice weekend.
  9. Crowsauce


    Whoever ef^ is. Have no clue they claimed to be in UF. Not trying to stir the pot man just dont appreciate people being asshats especially representing your fine community. If I could have caught one of their PSN names I would have sent them a note there.
  10. Crowsauce


    Hey fellas, Just wanted to thank you for kicking me out of a room I was in before you joined because I was not in "UF". As we may not be a part of UF at the moment, I believe Hollowground won Black not too long ago. So before you go kicking people, be sure you know wtf your doing. I also dont go by "n-gger". I prefer either Crow or Mike. Thanks.