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  1. Played all the other Ace Combat games and for some reason this one just doesn't feel right. Maybe I need more time with the game.
  2. Great game. I am a huge fan of the Gran Turismo series. Currently I do not have a PS3 but when I get my new one I will look you up darth_cedaus and we can race some cars.
  3. These are the games on my system. Well...were on my system. PixelJunk Monsters PixelJunk Eden PixelJunk Shooter Flower Super StarDust HD Echochrome Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty ZUMA Go! Sudoku InFamous Dead Nation Tetris
  4. I think I am gonna pass on this next Call of Duty game. All that money they have made with the recent Call of Duty games and they can't even make major changes to the game's engine?? Cheap and Lazy....I think I will spend my money on a good FPS..........Battlefield 3.
  5. This issue only affects the "Sign-In" for the website, Playstation Blog and other Official Playstation related sites (, LittleBigPlanet WorkShop etc...). This issue will not affect a user signing onto the PSN with a his or her Playstation 3.
  6. Yeah...a few islands have reported that the PSN is back up. Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Cayman Islands and a few others. It came back on where I live but it has gone back down.
  7. Still no PSN in paradise....guess it 'ent paradise afterall.
  8. The Caribbean will be the LAST to get it. No love for the Island gamers.
  9. I really enjoyed the single player Campaign. The end of the story kinda pissed me off though. And like every other shooter out there today....the campaign was a bit on the short side.
  10. I tried playing S4 with the PS Move during the beta. In general it felt awkward and didn't feel right. I much rather use a standard controller for shooters.
  11. Feel bad for Sony. They got a really big mess on their hands. Even the FBI has joined the party.
  12. Well I can't post from work but I still can post on the forums from home. My settings at home are set to keep me signed in. I can also post on the Playstation forums from home and work.
  13. I can live with a new Playstation being released in 2014....but not any sooner than that. Just about to buy a Slim PS3 and I would be a bit annoyed if Sony was to announce a new console a year from now. I was always a fan of Nintendo...but they just don't have a line-up of games that would make me buy their console these days. And I have no intention of buying a console for one franchise....I love me some Mario Bros. but my pockets 'ent that fat.