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  1. My wife and I own : She'll be in Houston sometime in the next few months. check out our site and our work.
  2. Im not sure what happened , must have sliped it over and it doesnt match, I didn't notice until youtube, Thought I had a deadline, got in a hurry... blah blah.... LoL but now that I know I MISSED the deadline, it really doesn't even matter.... maybe I'll fix it one day when Im bored...
  3. Ok so I have one from fridays war in BLACK! check out:
  4. Hit our forums to hear it!. a Funny lil remake...
  5. I just cleaned out my HD of all the footage, all I can get are my youtubes, after the conversion.. so it will kinda suck.. (quality) Oh well I guess I'll have to play good in SEPT! LoL I'll submit on the next one! I do look forward to the vids though...
  6. I'll dig the hole and bow my head. this is a great communitee of fair gamers, sorry to see life has gotten in the way of the managment. Hopefully some one will step up to the challenge of running it. Sometimes change is a good thing. Any chance You guys could just take a year off or something, put the torney's on hold? Nm, Im guess ing you guys have tossed that idea around already. Anyway I had fun the lil bit of time I spent here, for the most part. Good Luck [uF]... How about a 10 clan battle for ownership? $250 a clan, winner takes all.... Ok I'm outta here... maybe I'll see you guys in MAG or somthing...
  7. "this is not the pothead you're looking for..."
  8. Im psycho I have a sick sence..... of course i got a good look while you was sleeping the other that prolly helps... Now how CREEPY AM I?
  9. I prefur to watch my porn on a computer....actually I prefur to SURF on a computer... but I guess if you need your titties on a 46" plasma ... well nuff said I'm shuttin up now....
  10. Respawn never helps anything.!!Even if you are just doing a walkthrough on a map' date=' if your guys cant keep their guns in their holsters they aren't going to pay enough attention anyway. AMEN!
  11. I had trouble a few weeks back, but it was my Ie or and update or somethign I cant remember, but it was not youtube... was like ie 7 fucked it up so I upgraded to 8 and its fine ever since... google chome didnt work for what its worth, it could be setting someplace or somethign I guess... shit IM an idiot, i didn't notice on the PS3 til I posted sorry... someone tell me to shut up already...damn...
  12. So I don't have anything to worry about then.... cept the cops.. I guess...LoL j/k no really... j/k I don't even know what pot smells like...