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  1. Cool beans bro, I'm glad my boys were there to help!
  2. Emmanuelle Chriqui (You Don't Mess with the Zohan)
  3. Wow this thread flew away since yesterday. So, um... My leader saw this thread, and told me there IS a signature template for cKs, we just don't use it yet... So! I have a new request! A 450x155 Signature. Something with a soldier, or something. And a Beaver or something. And a hockey stick or something. Make it Canadian and cool and stuff.
  4. Heh, as much as I'd love the whole clan to have sigs, no. Just mine and the sig border template. I was hoping for a Chrome border with a deep red/maroon kind of colour brought in.
  5. So... cKs definitely has some good designers, but none of them have the time to make signatures for the clan. I mean, one of them is our fearless leader and he definitely doesn't have the time. What with all his officering and stuff. So I was wondering if anybody would like to make us a signature template. All you other clan's have one.
  6. I don't use an intercooler. However, my PS3 has been sounding like a hairdryer recently. A few clan mates have had this problem, it's a pretty easy fix. Go buy a can of compressed air and blow all the dust out of your PS3. Right now that dust is acting as an insulator, so your PS3 gets hot and stays hot. I'm going to do the same soon.
  7. Voted for Taylor Swift. =-D She's gorgeous.