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  1. I try my best sometimes to control my anger but sometimes crap happens and all of a sudden it's 0 to 60. I'm walking into the grocery store today and get close to the entrance and this truck come flying and doesn't make any attempt to slow up. I had to hurry to get out of the way. He then stops at the entrance of the store because he's picking up someone. I had gestered to him after he scared the crap out of me. So I walk by his truck on the way into the store. And I say what the hell you almost hit me. He rolls down his down his window and says "I wasn't going to hit you fat boy" so I tell him to fuck off and I walk inside." my blood pressure is like pumping so I try and calm down. I just needed a few items. Walk back outside and the fuckers still out there running his mouth to his family. I try to avoid but he gestures my way. So I give him a piece of my mind. "you almost hit me and you insult me?" His wife is the one who apologized to me. But he was still running his mouth. Moral to the story as i sit here I know i could have avoided by just walking away or ignoring the issue. Also it's about 102 degrees today and I was in the heat all day. I just hate getting that angry at people. When I calm down I wish I hadn't gotten so mad. But anyways just needed to air it out.
  2. Is anyone else having this problem or knows how to fix it. After every round I have to go back to my weapon and put the mod back on my weapon. What's the sense of having mods if you have to keep putting them on EVERY round???
  3. So I logged into EyePet today with my daughter. When the game started up, it went right to as if I never have played the game. It didn't automatically load my previous data. So I tried it again, and still it went right to the beginning of the game. So I checked, the data section under the games icon and the EyePet data was there. But it still wouldn't load. Anyone ever experience this or have a solution?
  4. Might just be a title issue "UF Clan Leader" or something...or maybe just because you hate me...but I do have access to the Suggestions Box area of the forum. I think this may have happened through the creation of the new forum, maybe? Just letting ya know. (Haven't gone through ALL of the other sections yet, though this one seems to be the only issue at-a-glance)
  5. I usually use yahoo to skim news stories. The last two days a message box pops up whenever I click a story that is showing me all the code for the page. Anyone else have this issue? Is it something on my end? No other websites do it, so I figured it was yahoo.
  6. Everytime I come to the site and it must be ad specific because I get a virus (trojan horse) warning. I can't figure out what is causing it but this is the only site it does it. Does anyone have any ideas? I have done a scan and nothing is on my computer. I use Kasperski so is there a way to isolate what is causing it in case it is something from the ads?
  7. This is one of my Newest hot games I am into. Very good game. But I just bought it last week and the game would freeze up on me. I have heard it's because of the 3.30 update. Anyone else having this issue? Apparently I'm not alone.... But just seeing if any of you guys are having problems. http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/68/index/2379427/24
  8. So I just wiped a hard drive for a relative and re-installed XP. While I did it I thought I would do the partition thing. Which im not too familiar with in the first place. Well my issue is in this 80 gig hard drive, I set aside 5 gigs in the partition...well turns out that thats all I can use rite now...says disk is getting full and shit. I am in manage my computer than clicked disk managment and I see the other 70 or so gigs there but says unallocated. So I tried to make it a new partition and it turned geen and said unused space...but It doesnt show up when I look at the amount of disk space left. Is there a way to re-link the 70 gigs to the 5 I set aside? Or anyway to see and use the rest the drive?
  9. Any of you computer guys out there No enough about MYSQL to fix an Issue Specificaly Error 1062 a Duplicate entry for key 1 or something like that This has completely disabled our Forums
  10. We cant get any invites to actually work after the first game we played of MW2. Anyone else having the issue? Says the party is no longer available.
  11. I have a Nyko intercooler on the PS3 and the damn thing is noisy as hell. > Does anyone know what I can use to lubricate it without messing up the PS. I have looked throughout the web and can't seem to find a solution. I even checked Nyko's site under product support and there was nothing on this issue. Thanks.
  12. Anyone had an issue with Sodumb where you put the game in, and it sounds like your TV speakers are blowing out? I was playing madden, was fine. I put socom in, turned the volume down, and all of a sudden it sounds like shitaki
  13. Since Sunday, I have been having Socom network disconnects. It doesn't disconnect me from PSN only Socom. Sometimes I will try to just go to the channel list and I get "Network Connection Failed. You will be returned to the title screen." I have checked socom.com and don't see anything about it, I am hoping someone else here has had this issue and knows whether or not it is just socom or if there is something I need to do.
  14. They posted my question is all. In the "Letters" section, that's me under "Issue Issues". No big deal, I just thought it was kinda cool.
  15. Sup fellas, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Whenever I go to check my messages it takes more time to load, and then I get a server error and cannot read any messages. I also get an error when I log into SOCOM.com, which means that it is a server side problem and not a glitch, so there is no way to fix it myself. If anyone has this error or has even figured out a way to fix it PLEASE let me know.
  16. Wow the game is sick! It uses licensed aircraft (which I didnt know). I like how you can record and post your games- Shit is fun as hell... Only one problem- Me and a friend were playing and having trouble with the mic's- breaking up, etc (tested on other games and it worked fine). Anyone know if this is a known issue or if it has specific ports needing opened? Thanks, US25
  17. What is the difference?! I recently bought LBP and its only available in 720p, so it doesn't come in HD on my TV. I have a HD TV that only supports 1080i. I have never had an issue because most games support all of the HD outputs. So, if/when I ever get another HD TV should I buy a 1080p or 720p. I mean, if I have a 720p will that not support 1080p. And vice versa. Or does 1080p pretty much cover everything??
  18. Does anyone have any problems with their mic sound settings on the PS3? My mic seems to be very low when I talk but my settings on the ps3 is on 5. Also I have tired 3 different mics and it doesn't help. Anyone know whats the problem?
  19. if you're in jersey, or know of a hemp/smoke/bong shop in jersey, please resond, if not please do not. does anybody know where i can buy a bong in jersey? this is like a LEGIT issue for me right now, any help would be appreciated!
  20. i bought this kick ass paper shredder about a month ago, and i have been trying to shove more and more sheets of paper through it just to see what it would do. last night i shoved the latest issue of time magazine through it...no problem. this thing rocks. so, as soon as RA is over, we move on to the next phase...1 bright shiny cod4 disk. i can hear it already....
  21. Hey guys ive been having this problem the past couple of weeks. When I turn my PS3 on the controller is always on the number 2 slot instead of the number 1. I keep changing it and whenever i turn it on again its right back to number 2. I went to my friends place and he has the same issue. Any suggestions?
  22. Guys, I just got off the phone with Maverick and we have a serious issue. He said Undertow was lagging REALLY bad playing bags and Sniper tried to speak up but his mic wasn't working so he didn't know what he was saying. Mav has it all on tape, so the proof will posted soon.
  23. [cBs>]CDBS14, If you don't know I'm saint52 a leader of COU. Apparently one of my members thought it was a good idea or joke to create a thread strictly referring to you and your posts. I would like to apologize for one of my members acting like a child. Please rest assured that this issue will be addressed accordingly. I Hope this has not inconvenienced you or anyone else in the community. That will be the last time he is allowed back here to UF, rest assured. Thank you for your time.
  24. In the September 2008 issue Of BLACK BELT magazine there is a 7 page photo spread with Maynard... Decent article.

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