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  1. It's probably not me your looking for but I did work for a sheriff's dept for a year and half. I could more than likely find out for you?
  2. Thanks im in the process of redownloading everything this sucks! >
  3. I'll try and do this but you know what happen last time I had issues with this damn PS3. Ended up taking a whole day to get it straightened out.
  4. I put my Socom disk in and the message that I need to install game data pops up (already done a while back) I go out and install game data again and also the cold fronts pack. I go to play the game and a message pops up that my game data is corrupt. How do I fix this without losing all of my saved data?
  5. I will be picking up this game for sure. I played in the last two betas and the game has came a long way.
  6. I have some likes and dislikesfor this game. I have passed it on to FW!
  7. From what I understood you only get the demo's for the subscription fee. You would still have to purchase the full games!
  8. Merry Christmas everybody!
  9. I have my specializations set as Primary= Assault Rifles Secondary= Sniper Rifles.
  10. Now that I am part of Unemployed America. I set the alarm for 9AM hit the alarm for about an hour. Get up and take a piss. Get my clothes together and take a shower. Shave and clean my grill. Light up a cig and logon to employment websites and start filling out apps.
  11. I have to give you some respect as you were man enough to stand up and say you were in the wrong. Hope the admins can forgive you as well. Goodluck Bud!
  12. Only problem I have had so far is the night maps. I can't see anything on them. I would use night vision but that is only available in over the shoulder view (which I can't stand BTW). Other than that I think the overall gameplay is much better.