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  1. Why does resetting your computer resolve the burden on your processor? It's the same philosophy... A fresh connection, is alot faster than a latent 4 day old connection..
  2. My Ipad thoughts, The video with Daniel Tosh is worth 100x more than the Ipad... It's exactly, what maybe like 300 Iphone owners who can't see the screen, have been wanting... And this comes from a devout Apple owner...
  3. I think for the betterment of this thread, It has probably ran its course, and needs to end pretty soon, with a enjoy your time marine, hope we see a better you around soon.
  4. Um... Tool.. aren't you still participating in dumbass things like this... I know I am...
  5. How? You can only use 1..And you aren't going to switch that many times anyways... Classes don't matter... That said.. I do think anyone that uses it doesn't belong here.
  6. Hey Chili, Hot Doug's 3324 S California Ave Chicago, IL 60608 (773) 279-9550 If you like hot dogs, give this place a try. I stop in there everytime I am there, they are the best in the world. Just don't ask for ketchup...
  7. I would say that is a pretty safe bet. Congratulations Uprising. And don't fret 101st, You guys are beasts, you just can't win em all.
  8. That's why I left him out. He means nothing. Until he proves himself as Scherzer and Granderson have done, he's nothing. Arizona got a nothing pitcher and an ineffective one for the pitcher I personally think would have overcame Haren and Webb for the top spot in that rotation within two years. I hate when prospects are hyped for trades, because 95% of the time, they don't pan out to the expectations a trade warrants. Scherzer proved this year he was ready for more action in their lineup, and then they trade him. That was my main point about them getting nothing. They just took three steps backwards. The three years they spent building Scherzer, and then give that up for a prospect who isn't panning out.
  9. Trading Max Scherzer is retarded. Matter fact, the deeper I look at this trade.. What does Arizona get? Edwin Jackson ???? HAHA Detroit and New York make out pretty good, and Arizona gets an overhyped piece of garbage.. Scherzer is amazing. Granderson is fast as lightning. Arizona is stupid.
  10. FUCKIN A dude.. So the big head isn't as big as we thought.. Its just the
  11. I wish I fuckin knew this in elementary school.... Would have stopped a couple of the times I cried all the way home to mommy. LOL. JK
  12. I have a challenge for Tool too... Take a picture of yourself, post it, and if the physical size of your head is anywhere smaller than what your ego has lead on, I'll give you a $!,000,000. HAHA Just Kiddin
  13. Are you starting a Socom clan or a COD clan? Because, from a die hard SOCOMer, I think the chances of getting a clan started when the numbers for Confrontation continue to drop, is slim to none. The only people still on the game for the most part, are clan members, so pulling people away from clans already established is very unlikely, unless you are looking to assemble the best clan hoppers on the planet. If you truly wish to start a clan, I don't think there will be many more opportunities until SOCOM 4 releases. Or try looking for freeagents on FTB games, and hope they have PS3's and no loyalties.