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  1. would like to know this also:)
  2. Its all good. I can take some critisizm, and I understand that, but I have to start somewhere. I figure its better to try and start fresh, then create a new name and continue trying to con or lie about it ya know... so here I am a new man, with a new outlook.
  3. So I am not making a new post. I preordered S4 from gamestop last july or august. Anyone remember what the bonus was? I think it was a extra map?
  4. Irish, what's up man.... how are things in Indiana? If you didn't know I am origionally from Bloomington,In. Got family up there. I will be up there in march and april. IU looks promising for 2012 in basketball:)
  5. Dis, whats up man....WOW! congrats on the Staff position bro:)! Been awhile.
  6. Its your friendly neighborhood Marine:) For real though, I got moved, and didnt have internet except for my phone. Thanks to the advance of the internet in my area(slow but surely) I now have access to Internet. Will be getting installed hopefully this week or next(depending on my work hours). So I will be back online real soon. I have been offline for awhile now, and have a whole new outlook on life. I hope that I have matured enough and realized how to go about being a member on here this time. I know I have some badblood from my past here, and hope to slowly but surely fix alot of t
  7. wow it is very nice to see [sS] Tags on the forums again... welcome back... Does this mean we may see the sea snipers back on Socom??? I sure hope so!
  8. holy crap, I have been out of the loop for awhile lol.. April 11th? Oh yeah!!!!
  9. I liked Chase more when it started, but seem to watch 5-0 more as they came closer to season finally...The Sexy girl in it drew me.....
  10. Damn Tow.... THM.....thats old... I talked to Vex a few months ago man, he said they were thinking about coming back to UF when SOcom 4 drops
  11. i might just need to take a few more days off and board a plane:) hahahah