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  1. Has anybody used it before? Is it easy to use? any advice would help greatly.
  2. Hey, I have a problem. Just got this samsung camcorder, was given to me. I tried it, it wouldn't even turn on. So I got a battery charger, left the battery on the charger all night, and it turned on...said battery low...then turned off. So I got a new battery. Charged it up, worked great....played with it for a week, took some videos, everything was fine. I left the battery on the charger last night...and BOOM...same thing. Will turn on, say battery is low, and turn off. When I put the recently charged battery on the charger, the light is red not green. What the hell??
  3. i forgot who the police guy was around here but if u see this could you send me a pm please i need a little advice
  4. hey need some advice i plugged my personal heater in to the wall outlet in my room. when i turned it on all the power in just my room went out. how do i fix it. do i just reset it at the powerboard? its odd cause my over head light is still working just all the outlets are out
  5. My wife mistakenly left a Sharpie permanent marker on our kitchen table. Well my 3 yoa daughter found it and proceeded to make the kitchen table her art canvass. The only thing that seemed to take it off was the Mr.Clean Magic Erasure. But it dulled the top of the table. My question is, can I get some sort of wood polish to bring back the shine. I'm trying to avoid having to strip the top of the table and reseal it.
  6. Anyone else been having this problem? Even since the psn update and MW2 i cant seem to sync trophies.. any advice would be sweet!
  7. hey so me and my ex-fiance broke up about 1 1/2 months ago and have had full custody of my daughter since. still going through court and all. but i have been missing the shit out of her latly and cant figure out y?!?! how long is it suppossed to take to forget.
  8. ok so yea apparently the skunk prob i had never went away this past thursday my huskie got in a tusle with a rabid skunk tore it apart no less but she was a week overdue for her rabies shots so now shes quarintined for six month and if she shows up with the symptoms we have to put her down. i took my jack russell to get her vaccines done yesterday and now she seems to be running a fever is that normarl? she weighs about 18 lbs can i give her a measured dose of tylonol or sumtin?
  9. CDBS14

    mac or pc?

    i am planning on getting a laptop but i dont know which one to get? any words of advice, dont worry about the model or brand or whatever, just PC or mac, i am disputing as to which kind i should get.
  10. check you're mesg.'s, I have something very important to tell U.F. admins, and need some advice, please help
  11. I cant stop laughing at this one. What a mom, huh?
  12. Guest


    i have my controller and headset plugged int my ps3, and when i plug things into the second or third USB port, either the first or second quits working. it will only recognize two ports at a time, and it doesnt matter which ones. any advice?
  13. Friend of mine wants to buy her brother a gaming headset. He plays PC games only. She was looking for something in the roughly $75.00 - $100.00 price range. Do you guys have any PERSONAL accounts of good headsets that you can let me know about that I can pass along to her? Thank you.
  14. Tri-Cannon


    Ok. First of all i know this is a weird question to ask but even though i'm back together with my girl i'm still disgusted with myself. Has anyone ever cheated or been cheated on and still made their relationship work? I ask this cause this weekend i fucked up and cheated on my girlfriend, I'm honestly not that kind of guy i don't know what happened but i do know its no excuse i was as drunk as i have ever been. I told her and she wouldn't talk to me i talked her last night and she said she didn't think she could do it. I just told her things that we had been through happy things made her laug