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  1. Oh sweet, I'm going to but it this week then!
  2. Now is the beta key going to be available to all playstation plus members or just the EU?
  3. On March 15th, a private beta goes live. We’ll be contacting eligible players soon. WTF who are the eligible players? And I know the people with the beta key from Killzone are going to be pissed as well knowing now that they will only be able to use the $60 beta key a week and half before the actual release of the game.
  4. Lol you beat me to it Commander Fury!
  5. Duval-Ace

    SOCOM Beta

    I heard rumors that the beta might start next week. And if anyone knows somebody who likes KZ3 and doesn't want their beta key tell'em I'll give'em 10 bucks for it!
  6. I cannot seem to get the link to work properly. My friend sent me the link and I can view the forums, but for some reason it won't let me copy and paste it.
  7. Hmm not sure why the link doesn't work anymore, but here is a summary of the conversation Now clearly the caller asks multiple times whether his system will be banned, and the responce is a definite yes. Also he asked about whether he should Update to Firmware 3.60 and once again the responce iis yes. Not only that but they are permanently Banning the user from PSN. We believe this is going to be a good move on Sony side, at least it will clear many of the hackers off the service and keep the online portion a little bit more safer from hackers.
  8. My friend sent me this link I hope this is true it's kind of long, but if this is not a hoax it's good news for all us legit gamers!]-sony-to-begin-perma-banning-with-new-fw.html
  9. So I though after we spoke last night and the situation was addressed that, that was the end of it? Now there's a post with one of your fellow clan members not naming the clan posting about it. I'm not quite sure what time of back ground you guys come from. I have a Marine Corps back ground so please for future references don't say one thing to my face so to speak "over the mic" and then do another. Because in my book that's being two-faced. If you knew that you were gonna go and make a post about the matter then you should have come right out and said it when the four of us talked after the match.


    Thanks DUVAL-ACE

  10. Looks good so far all our members said their profiles are fixed thanks for all the help.
  11. Thanks Rogue, we just really want to be able to compete and participate in the league and tourneys. We’re all just really anxious to get things rolling so we can play.