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  1. Hey Danny, Sounds good I'll check out your site/forums. What do you guys play mostly? Invite sent.
  2. sounds like a plan man, will do sometime today. edit- Invite sent, see you online.
  3. "You cannot change your display name until you have 6 more approved posts" Working on it. 2 other things. Are you able to change your login name ? How do I change or remove [Clan Tag] Clan Name from my profile? Yeah I'll send you a invite on steam. I really enjoy PC gaming, but there is just something about playing on a console that brings me back.
  4. After a long time away from console gaming on PS3 and a short tryout of Xbox360 I have returned to consoles on the PS4. I have spent the last few couple years enjoying PC gaming and I still will be PC gaming. I use to be in a clan back when UF started. They have long since departed. I gained some long time friends from those days and look forward to making new ones. I am in my 30s so I enjoy gaming around simpler aged players as I have more in common with them than I do the screamers you randomly encounter from online play. I am looking for a good laid back community / clan around the same age that plays PS4 and possible PC games. I like shooters, driving, sports game. Things like Battlefield, COD, The Crew, Assassins Creed, GTA. I guess I am a well rounded gamer haha. FYI: when I am able to I will change my profile name to match my PS4 ID. Guarded_Knight
  5. I agree very nice achievement. I look forward to seeing what UF brings to PS HOME
  6. I am sad to say I was late picking this game up, but I got about a month ago I think, I really like this game way more than I thought I would.