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  1. Ok lets say you are in my position (or Roosters) & it was one of the n00bs.. no one saw them & no one knows but them, & neither of them copped to it. What do you do.? - Admit guilt because your opponent says it happened. or - Wait for proof before you crucify your clanmate. I chose the latter, & am still waiting for proof ;D Dont forget Rooster mentioned something in the lobby for a reason.. But made no complaint in the rep section, because without proof, we would just be crying wolf. (Or at the least letting the admins know something fishy happened, so if more happens, it would become obvious that the possibility is more in your favor.) BUT NOT asking for a clan to be removed as if we had proof, or that we have facts. have told u numerous times i do not expect you to admit anything, u were not there. and i was wrong u were not removed from the tourney because jyk beat you before another clan brought it to light. i am 100% sure that your clan was soft spotting as others in our clan are. as after i got soft spotted in fault i had 2 other snipers move next to me to check to make sure i wasnt seeing things, , and the player in question(dont remember who it was) said we could not see him because he was throwing smoke. but there was never any smoke in the hall way. for the 100th time we never asked for your clan to be removed from the tourney or for us to be put back in, we just wanted the word out.and we went to the admins privitely and were told to post something in the rep section. after we put it out we got pm's from a couple of other clans stating they believed they were soft spotted by your clan. so i showed jyk all of your spots. including the one where your guy was looking through the wall into the seals spawn,(we know he was there we killed him twice while he was doing it.) kingjunk told me he had heard from some other clans to watch out for soft spotting from your clan. and after your war king told me you guys were in common soft spotting positions. all of this would have been solved if when after round we called for admin to join the room, and one would not come in. with the window in ceucible you can shoot through the wall in the hut, we even showed the admins how to do it, the reason that comes up is rooster admitted to being in that spot. affliction only made the comment because of your topic some things never change. and he was asked to ignore it. for the millionith time i have been over this for along time, the only reason i even post is because of chili's inabilty to post without attacking somebody. chili you must of been beat up alot as a child, and foundly on the internet where some one can't physical reach you decided to act tuff. cmon man your 38 years old and can not hold a civil debate about something that happened in a video game. could you imagine if obama or mccain shared the level of civility that you have. mccain says" obama is gonna raise taxes" obama replies" fuck you mccain you fucking liar, blow me" the nation says mccain must be right, otherwise obama would have debated and not just got defensive and thrown out obsenities.
  2. This where I think you misunderstood a PM from me.. In Yellow That one player was Rooster & he was mentioning it in the lobby, because we we're getting soft spotted.. and he was trying to let you know that your clan was doing it.. then you took my words, those words & ran with it thinking that it was some kind of admittance. Also, as we showed your rep: Shooting thru a window is not soft spotting.. as a matter of fact you can't even shoot out from that window.! (the one in question on Fault) but you can get killed standing there so it is the opposite of a soft spot. lol the window he admits to shooting through is at head height and the bullets come through the wall not out that window... go try it.... forever we have tried to let this die, but you always have to bring up shit about it. lets face it if it wasnt for the free advertisement you the uf on your site you would have been kicked from this community long ago. you have a history of arguments and throwing insults at people. how many times have you been suspended from the uf forums? i swear you and demo are fucking twins. and again like over a year ago i am gonna stop posting on this topic. you are completely ignorant, and conversating with you is like sticking my dick up your moms ass, i'm not sure what i am going to find, but i am sure i am not gonna like it. and remember: you silly faggot dicks are for chicks
  3. I know what the PM's say.. I wrote them. lol What gets me so mad is your inability to see this for what it is. IF I KNEW someone in my clan soft spotted i would admit it, but i am NOT going to admit to something just because our opponent says we did. (who would.?) As i stated before i cant say 100% that i know nothing happened, but no one can ever say that (including you) unless they have a video from each persons point of view for the entire match. (which no one does) So i am trying to put this behind us & let it die for good.. Tell me what you want me to do or say.? Also if their was any point to posting all of those PM's try to delete the unimportant parts & leave the important parts.. (or highlight them better) that shit is way too confusing & long to read. ;D i dont expect expect you to admit anything .. like u said you were not there you did not play in the match... we were never shown the videos... u said they showed us soft spotting (or did rooster tell that to you to b4 u seen them)... and that u would post them. than u said u were having trouble posting them.. than u said u were not gonna post them... than u said they dont show anything..... i love how you still cannot have debate on something with someone without the insults... i love how you can call me and other members of my clan liars, depite the fact you were not even fucking there.
  4. ps: prane the warriors were caught cheating 2 weeks later and removed from the tourney.
  5. yep it was offered but never produced
  6. we showed the uf admins where they were just like they asked us too, and were asked not go into a room with the warriors, to try and let it die. and affliction only posted what he did because of chili's topic some things never change.
  7. it cool bro, but we did not play jyk in the tourney in question and if u ask kingjunk, i am pretty sure he will confirm it. i have refrained from saying about this topic for along time even though chili has made reference to it numerous times. and even felt he needed to start this post.
  8. sorry skipper but you should recheck with junk on that... i showed him every spot the warriors were soft spotting from, and after you guys beat them he confirmed to me that they were soft spotting from the spots i showed him. if u have those pms plz send em to me. chili u have more arguments and anger control problems in uf than demo dick: Re: From the Rep Section « Sent to: [AoA]COMIGAR on: June 23, 2007, 11:28:40 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from: [AoA]COMIGAR we accept whatever the final decision is by the uf admins. and after goat, sniper and tow look it over. and agree with gravity or overrule. nothing more will be said about this incident from my clan. i do understand the fustration, but that does not make the comments acceptable, but they are past us. however everybody in my clan that played thursday night whole heartedly believes your clan was soft spotting.. i know you were not there for the war, but me and virt was there and you have played with us a long time back to our la days and u have never heard us complain about a loss. 8 members of my clan spent 2 hours today sitting in the spots we seen your clan members sitting and soft spotting, , and confirmed most spots your players where in, were indeed soft spots, in both fault and crucible. i can only assume you are going from what your members who played told you, but unfortunately they are not telling the truth. i know you will take their word over mine and virtual.deaths. but if it is true what you posted about the video just showing ammo throwing smoke at a clan mate.. why waste your time recording if your not record up front where the action is. which is where the problems occur? personally 99?% of the time video is useless. i used to record our matches. but even if a guy soft spots you and u are recording it it still shows nothing . we have also recieved pm's from a couple clans that have had soft spotting issues with your clan, but for fear of you guys being in uf since early have been afraid to openly voice for fear of not making uf pow. but i regress like i said after the final decision from the admins. you will here no more about this from clan AoA. we look forward now that this issue is the open and your clan is being watched more to your loss in the next round and soundly beating everytime we play you.. good luck with the rest of the tourney. You know what.. Blow me..!! We won FAIR & fukin square.. We got soft spotted by your guys.. & I know you dont think so, but you dont know, & your going to take your guys' word for it aren't you.!! What if i said "dude your guy totally did it", is that going to change your mind. NO.!! I didn't think so.! So if you think that i am supposed to tell my clan "Yea, Sorry guys you're lying, & they are not. You dont KNOW shyt. you may think you do, but you only are guessing..!! I have been in those shoes before, & have been just as sure that i was right.. as a matter of fact in the final round of a UF tourney we lost to a clan that was clearly cheating (atleast we we're sure of it), but we had no proof, & so we lost.. & it doesn't matter that i was positive they were cheating.! ...We lost.! (and without proof i might have been wrong) So as positive as i was.. does it really mean that they were..? no it doesn't. So just as positive as you are, it doesn't mean that you are right. nor does it mean that my guys are right about getting killed by AoA Soft Spotting.. They think they did, but without proof they cant be 100% sure, just as you cant be 100% sure. So dont go telling me that you KNOW that we did, & that my guys are fuking lying to me.. that is the most disrespectful thing i have ever fiukin heard. Besides if you weren't stickin your head out every round to throw flashbangs you probably wouldn't have lost your head every round So you can take your disrespectful, lying, motherfukin, punk ass home, & dont bother showing us any respect because you have just thrown it all out the fukin door for you, & your clan. Good Day & FUCK OFF!!! Re: From the Rep Section « Sent to: [AoA]COMIGAR on: June 24, 2007, 03:31:21 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from: [AoA]COMIGAR i think it is funny how not once did i disrespect you your clan. all i said is we know your clan was soft spotting. just as your guys do. and you even admitted to it. and i find hilarious how everytime you post something about the incident your story changes. and as you can confirm with under tow. we do not want the win. we lost we are out of the tourney. all want is your clan disqualified for cheating that you admitted to doing. and sorry it offends you but i do llok forward to the warriors losing, and forward to my clan wipe our asses with you everytime we play you. so thank you for again showing how classes you and your clan are. When and Where did I admit to anything..!? (thats is just you putting words i my mouth) I have nothing to admit to.. You don't think that calling my clan all liars is disrespecting them..!? When did my story change.? You are delusional. get off the pipe.! Everything you just posted is so far off, now i really think you are just making shyt up to make yourself feel better about losing. Please answer my 3 questions 1. When and Where did I admit to anything..!? 2. Don't you think that calling my clan all liars is disrespecting them..!? 3. When did my story change.? Feel free to copy, & past the answers to these questions from whereever you THINK you saw the answers.. Links would be nice too.. Sorry you cant take a loss, but thats your own problem. If you seriously think that you have answers to those 3 questions, answer them or walk away like a man, because otherwise I will know you are lying just to make yourself feel better. OK Dude you need to get a grip.. these are all things that i said but you decided to put answers to questions that had NOTHING to do with each other..! I'll put my reply in green Quote from: [AoA]COMIGAR 1: rooster was pressed against the wall of the shed closest to the butt crack in crucible with his gun sticking through the wall looking out the window shooting people. This what Rooster was doing in Crucible.. That is NOT Soft spotting it is shooting out of the window.!!your response "[\\'] Chili-Palmer Yea It was Rooster WHO SAID IT NOT M16, & he was trying to be nice IN THE LOBBY about getting shot by a soft spot himself" This is what Rooster said in the lobby, about getting hit by your guys that were soft spotting, Still NOTHING that says i admitted to anything..!. 2: no not when they are lying I dont even know what this means..!? but they are not lying, so i guess it doesn't apply 3: numerous times the video shows rooster getting soft spotted... the video only shows ammo throwing smoke at.. WHAT are you saying..!? The Video shows ammo fuking off, like i told tinkerbell in the rep section THE VIDEO IS USELESS, BUT IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD I'LL POST IT..!! soon u will read more in the clan rep section .. and i will be responding to you no more until than. So no i still dont see any proof of anything, just you making shyt up, & trying to relate one thing to another.. when they have NOTHING to do with each other.! Get your story straight or you just look like an escaped mental patient.!! Not to mention appearing to lie about ALL of it. Now im not sure that you really even truely believe you got soft spotted.. you just are pissed. Proof « Sent to: [AoA]COMIGAR on: June 24, 2007, 04:06:13 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just quit making shit up..!! If you have proof show it, in video, or in text, but otherwise you are wasting everyones time. If I had Solid proof of you guys doing it, i would have shown it, but i dont have proof i only have my clans word which isn't enough to make a claim.. Same as you.! You guys decided to make a claim without proof.! which is where this turns into GB.. Dont go there. and those are just half of the pm's u sent me.
  9. if anyone gets a chance stop by and register for our new forums. as sadly it seems somebody hacked and deleted our old ones.
  10. CARPS

    (sho) war tonight

    lol... nm i looked at wrong week
  11. can one of the members warring us tonight plz send me a friend invite thank u
  12. mark my words the pats will be 16-0 and lose to the browns in round 2 of the playoffs. which will be one week after the browns dispatch the steelers in week one of the playoffs.
  13. yep the pats will go 16-0 than lose to my browns in the 2nd round of the playoffs ;D
  14. got mine last night...
  15. i will most likely be grabbing this.
  16. CARPS

    ncaa 08

    i have it. i am 8-6 all 6 looses are thanks to ea servers disconnecting me. in 4 of em i was up at least 14 points in the 4th qtr... one i was up 21 points in the 2nd qtr. and the 6th i was tied in qtr 3, 14 all
  17. not sure where you live cuz, but according to all the stores where i live and gamestops website is doesnt come out on ps3 until august 21.. but i have it on 360 and like it.
  18. check out are forums at  and send a friend invite to viciousice
  19. when i try and join a game it now keeps saying error, so i am going to bed. we will have to try again tomorrow.
  20. it just doesn't like us... mine is doing the same yours was.