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  1. Probably the wrong thread. But i just wanted to say the new site looks really nice, and I'm hoping the communities can come together and compete again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. PC depends on how well games are optimized. The real comparison will be in a year when mantle and g sync are out. And by then developers can really stretch these consoles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I can't play in the venues so really there's no way for me to support them then. I had a team ready and willing to pay to compete for Chicago.
  4. My numbers are quite accurate I watched the whole live-stream. Just seems odd you have all these high profile sponsors like Sony, Dr Pepper, and Brady Games and yet no payout. I feel like such well established companies wouldn't just back out.
  5. Kind of hard to have payout when the interest wasn't there at all.. A 64 team double elemenartion ended up being like 12-16 teams that still took 14 hours to complete and the twitch never got over 100 viewers. It's hard for sponsors to payout when the numbers promised weren't even half. Said part is that you guys are still planning one for Houston when you haven't settled this one yet
  6. And I'm sorry but Wikipedia is not a valid source.
  7. Better off getting an education and getting a job out in the world. Yes optic make a living off of it but that is hardly from earnings based on payouts at tournaments. (Assuming the tournament actually pays out). Sponsors are tell help you get to events man. And combining it with YouTube and other media means your living off Adsense. I'm not sure about you but I wouldn't want to have my living based on varying Internet demographics when a good chunk of your earnings is automatically Killed due to mobile consumption and ad block. Sure gaming has been around for a long time and sure there are teams that can make a living but please tell me when new teams are making a living in there sport? Unless you started early you will not reap the benefits. All top 8 teams for call of duty can make a living when's the last time you've seen a new team break into the top 8.
  8. Can't make a living off playing games, that's why they are called games
  9. What people don't see is that they are regular PS3 controllers the only mod is the paddles which as I said take alot of time to effectively use and master
  10. I think it's fine. From the people I've seen and heard talk about them it actually takes them plenty of game time to adjust to using the paddles and actually taking advantage of them. Besides the paddles the controller is simply a stock ps3 controller the Xbox has the extra goodies like trigger stops and such.
  11. Germanator

    XBOX and UF

    He's talking about the online DRM and the interview with a Microsoft executive. Don't think abandoning business your way is a good idea but hey. The Xbox one is here now the 360 is for those people.
  12. Germanator

    Xbox One Reactions

    Will they be installs? Or just a key code like its used for DLC and such.