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  1. Thanks for the help fellas! There is going to be 3 rounds of voting it looks like. We have been sending this to AMMO troops all over the world and are killing the competition this round. Yeah Marine it is the same thing. Just the Airforce's version. It is Ordinance in the Marines, Navy and Army I believe. What's up Prane how you been? I haven't been playing too many games lately just trying to get as much free golf in as i can before i deploy in a few weeks. Since we are deploying we get free golf until we leave. What's up Chili? How you been?
  2. People do show their gratitude. I am a Staff Sergeant in the USAF. I have been thanked many many times for what I do. I have had people buy me lunch if I am out eating in uniform. They say if you eat lunch off base you will have a 1 in 4 chance of having it payed for here in Abilene TX. They are very military friendly. In fact the last time I was thanked was August 25th, 2009. Some random guy was at the airport at 5am while I was dropping my wife off and stopped me to thank me for what I do. So there are people showing their gratitude before it's too late and it is nice to hear a thank you from time to time. Lets you know we are appreciated....and makes the Xmas's me and many other spend in the sand box worth while.
  3. "Sometime in the 1980's, along with the advent of the hacker phenomenon, "pwned" became a synonymn for "hacked" or "taken over by exploitation of a vulnerability." The word "pwn" remains in use as Internet social-culture slang meaning: to take unwilling control of someone else or something belonging to someone else by exploiting a vulnerability. Another theory is that "pwn" [2][3] arose and spread as a typo of the word "own", arising from the proximity of the 'p' and 'o' keys on a standard English keyboard; a phenomenon known as fat-finger." Straight from Wikipedia
  4. Ok' date=' that's a pretty good explanation BUT there is no way a contortionist can be bent over backwards like that and carry the legless lady and walk with her and then lay down the way she did (without falling off). I just can't see that being the case. [/quote'] This is how he does it  <----Click here Here's the secret to Criss Angel’s trick: the lady was an amputee. Having a hard time believing that? Go google, “Rose Siggins.†The lady on the bottom is a contortionist (bent over, hands on legs). The amputee sits on top of her and the two are held together by straps, clips, magnets or something. Note how the lady is conveniently wearing a black dress that would disguise where the two people join. Of course, some post editing would have concealed anything that might have been flashed. I took that paragraph from the link.....Now what do you think?
  5. So how was it done....?? The lady on the top half has no legs ......which is why she got around so well after being pulled away and then scurries off she is used to it. The next point is the black dress she is wearing well that is to cover up the contortionist on the lower know she has her head between her legs all bent like a pretzel. So it is kinda sick he exploited a handicap person for the trick. :-\Thoughts?
  6. -AMMO-

    majic trick

    I thought it was cool till I found out how it was
  7. I want the maps....
  8. Well I posted the video and I can tell you for a fact you are full of it. Your eyes are playing tricks cause you are looking for any excuse as to why you Give it up guys. I know know what your claims are and they are incorrect....if you think we did something wrong recreate it. You can't trust me. We made a room trying to figure out what you are talking about and nothing. I posted this video because we have nothing to be scared of. And I stand by that. We are a cheat free clan and not sore losers....but we shouldn't have to defend ourselves because some clans are sore losers. Now I'm not naming names that would be wrong of me but I am thinking some people should back off. I am no rep but I feel I can comment on this since it is my video. I will not be taking it down....everyone feel free to watch and see what you think is softspotting and recreate it...I challenge anyone to show us what we did wrong. \\'e are an upstanding clan and Chili is right enough dragging our clan's name through the mud. I was being nice posting that video...I could have said no....but \\'E HAVE NOTHING TO make your formal gripe in these public forums for all to see that you are mistaken. I may have stepped over the line with making a post in here but I would like to see what you speak of. Prove to us we did something wrong. Not going to happen so best of luck to the video all you would like....I'm out
  9. you go ;D....If you look closely We were taking turns um doing for instance i am pushing on M16 for a bit while he went to make a Good times. Not much to see though kinda boring.... Just click the links.....
  10. Ok this is going to take a bit I am breaking the video down into 3 clips but after thinking about it I will post it after our War tonight. Not so sure I want the competition watching right before we play them tonight. It may not even come to this round but you never know. Each clip is taking about 35 minutes to clip out or so it says I should have all 3 up by the time our War is over. Sorry for the delay but I will hook you up. ;D
  11. Well I threw it on youtube but I guess it was too long give me a few and I will cut the video into I think 3 to make them fit.
  12. Comigar I have it Up Loading to Youtube as we speak. Hopefully it works fine cause it is 20 something minutes not the 10 it has set for limits but it is under the 100mb limit. I will post you a link to it when I get home from work.
  13. I will see what I can do.
  14. Yeah ...I got mine at Walmart actually. ;D