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  1. Hey bud I'm back in action, I've had Internet for a min but my X-box is broke, but I just picked up a PS3 last week with COD BOs, COD MW, SOCOM4, KILLZONE3, and MAG so far. My PSN is "RazorJack911" hit me up and maybe we can roll, its been awhile since I talked to any of you so it will be good to get back in action. I still always tell everyone about your site :D looks good just a little lost will have to acquaint myself again. :D l8er

  2. Thanks for the ride guys. Tow expressed everything perfectly and shares my exact sentiments. Tow was the more prominent "voice" on here and I was happy to stay behind the scenes popping out on the forum every once in a while (like and like I said, Tow expressed everything perfectly so I'll keep this short. It's still surreal to me that we created the most popular tournament site of this kind on the net but it couldn't have happened without all of you. Thanks. I started getting a little misty eyed reading Tow's post and then the tears started flowing when I read this part............"a falling rotten apple".......LOL!!! For some reason that just totally cracked me up. I really needed that because it is a really bittersweet moment. I'll leave you with a quote that my favorite teacher in high school told us: "No good-bye's, just good memories"
  3. OMG I've been longer "Creator" just a lonely raven....... :'(
  4. I used to own a little tournament site called Urgent Fury, but not anymore. Graphics? I don't know about graphics...
  5. I jumped the gun....sorry......... :'(
  6. We will have an announcement TODAY about the transfer of ownership and the new owners. Tow and I are very, very pleased with the new owners. UF will be in very good hands. Stay tuned...
  7. Better graphics than MGS4...? Wow. I did a quick search just now and I read that Kojima wasn't going to be at the helm on this one:
  8. Hi, I'm Sniper, I'm new here. Has anyone here rented/bought/played Prototype? I love open world/sandbox games like the GTA series so I was interested in this game and I'd like some feedback from anyone who has played it and is also a fan of open world games. Most game site reviews give it favorable ratings but the reviews are mixed. Some say the gameplay and animation is great but that the graphics kind of suck, others say that the graphics are beautiful but controls take getting used to, etc. Thoughts?
  9. Haven't seen anyone post this anywhere but here is the link to the CoD4:MW2 preview trailer. Looks friggin' bad ass! The only thing I didn't like was the voice of the "villain" in the voice-over, he sounds like a wuss. And here is an extended gameplay vid:
  10. What in the hell is "Fat Princess"? ???
  11. Sure, I'll add a Chain Reaction graphics kit. When I'm done, I'll put a link up somewhere.
  13. Due to someone dropping the ball last month (*coughmecough*) there were no player profiles for January so they were moved up to February. This month we highlight Packernut from [CTU] and Tool-Minion from [RVN] Nice mowhawk there Tool...