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  1. I'm pretty sure the analogy fit pretty well. But what does Swine know, it's not like he was in \H/ or anything, oh wait, nevermind, he was! The analogy doesn't fit if you honestly think Chinese Democracy is a better album than Appetite For Destruction, if you do, then you got some major problems.
  2. I would suggest a TV from the Toshiba Regza series. I have had mine for about 10 months now and it has been flawless. I bought the 32" 1080p 120Hz (I had a low budget) and absolutely love it! I sit about 5-6 feet away from the TV and it is PERFECT for SOCOM. Not only are the Toshiba's the most reliable, but have some of the best prices! I got mine from
  3. Ok whats one policy you like of Obama? Or are you one of those people that are voting for him becuase of "hope" and "change"? Obama is the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate and he claims he's a moderate. Obama has a pastor that spews hatred about America. "U.S. of KKK A" "God *bleep* America" We deserved what we got on Sept.11 Bill Ayers, Tony Resco Obama has got to be the most unexperienced Candidate to ever run Can you name one thing Obama has accomplished to qualify him to even run? Since I enjoy a fun little argument, I think I butt in my opinion.... Bashing a politician on the grounds of actions of other people is pretty dirty. It is the same type of BS that takes up the time on the news as the whole empty promise "hope" and "change" propaganda speeches. I too, despise those know-nothing Obama supporters, but will not bash someone for the actions of other people. Everything in the media is so manipulated, you can't trust it. Obama is probably one of the most liberal, but Clinton and many others are right up there with him. Today's liberal isn't even that liberal. Compare today's liberal views to early 20th century liberal views and you will see how moderate they have become. It is the same for the Republican party. They are both becoming much more moderate. One thing Obama has done: Became a U.S. Senator? That's pretty reputable. Also, I am DEFIANTLY NOT an Obama Supporter. I'm a libertarian. Lol sorry, but I couldn't stop myself from replying. Just wanted to start a friendly conversation. ;D
  4. That's dangerous.... in the butt... LMAO!
  5. Shake and Bake!!
  6. Damn. That was a good article! I totally agree with him...
  7. Yeah, same here! I was worried that FOX was going to just forget about it.... This is great news! Hopefully it will come back in the Fall. I am worried about that Cherry Hill, though. They better be hot female escapees!
  8. I haven't... but it's so tempting!
  9. This G8 is taking for the Grand Prix, right? It looks like Pontiac is moving in a good direction... The G8's look awesome!!! They need to start making them in the US though... Made in Australia right now. Also, some paddle shifters would be pretty sweet! You guys are pretty too old school and rather have that stick, right? lol. What do you think of the G8 ST? I can't see myself driving one of those! lmao.
  10. Dude, I love pot pie! My mom makes it in like a casserole form and puts like little mini biscuits in it, sooo good! The restaurant I work at, Cheddars, makes really good pot pie too. If you go there, order that. You won't be disappointed.
  11. Undertow, I wasn't talking about Urgent Fury, You, or other members in particular (Not at all). I am talking about the massive about of people that responded to this throughout the whole internet... I guess I didn't make that clear. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else.... I guess my writing didn't portray my mood very well, cause that is a bit off... lol. I was writing it as more of a quiet assertive comment... lol. Not super aggressive, like you must of read it. I guess that is a bit of problem with forums and typing, instead of talking... I think I may go do that! Good idea! P.S. Sorry to bump this thread back up, I was busy the past few days.
  12. can take that stance on ANY thread. Let's talk about throwing a puppy.......NO! Why aren't we talking about the dead Iraqi citizens! Let's talk about Paris Hilton........NO! Why aren't we talking about the dead Iraqi citizens! Let's talk about tragedy in Afghanistan..........NO! Why aren't we talking about the dead Iraqi citizens! Let's talk about last night's episode of Family Guy....NO! Why aren't we talking about the dead Iraqi citizens! Let's talk about current gas prices affecting OUR lives...NO! Why aren't we talking about the dead Iraqi citizens! It goes on and on. It's kind of like that video going around about Montell Williams on some talk show where they were talking about Heath Ledger's death...and asked Montell his opinion on it. He immediately jumped on a soapbox and said he instead wants to talk about the dead soldiers in Iraq and how no one knows their names. Listen.....we GET IT. Whacked out shit is happening all over the world. Some gangbanger just shot an old lady tonight. Some uncle just raped his nephew tonight. Some soldier just lost an arm and leg tonight. Some store clerk is being held up tonight. Someone is saying goodbye to their dying mother or father tonight. Some puppy just got tossed off a cliff tonight. Some cats just got tossed into a dog-fighting pit tonight. World's fucked up, and we talk about ALL of the right arenas. We have a thread talking about a damn dead puppy. There are threads talking about dead soldiers. We've done homages to the overseas soldiers in U-Freq podcasts. No one's running into those screaming "why aren't we talking about drug-related deaths in America? Why aren't we talking about cancer?" Because the thread or topic wasn't meant for it. This is the puppy thread. There's another dead movie star thread. There's a dead soldier thread out there, I'm sure. Can't find one? MAKE one. There's another thread showing insurgents blowing themselves up....with a bunch of people here on a forum who say "LOL, that's awesome" seemingly forgetting that those people, though "the enemy" are still PEOPLE. We're about as "evil" to them as they are to us, remember. The DIFFERENCE between two cultures can be displayed in who is laughing at the death of the other and who is taking death in for what it really is...the life of a human being being snuffed out of existence as if he were a plastic play thing. I don't know. Your post above, Zero, seemed about as aimless and as pointless as Montell trying to hog some screen time on that morning show. No hate for you, bro....just stating it like I see it. "in the right arenas." Exactly. Most of the stuff you listed off is totally unrelated. Though, civilian deaths in Iraq and dead puppies in Iraq are certainly related! How could that not be the same arena? There is always collateral damage in war, but I hate seeing people get up in hands about puppies over the even worse shit that is going on "over there". I am not directly talking to you guys here, but it seems like EVERYONE is mad about this. I just don't understand... It got almost 10,000 diggs on and over 2 million views on I can't seem to wrap my head around the amount of attention that this is getting. It's been out for about 3 weeks now and I am tired of reading soooo much shit about how these soldiers and how they should face severe punishment and blah blah blah, but what about all the other shit going on "over there"? I am tired of people flipping a shit over a puppy, but not to seem to care about the thousands we are losing in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not sure if we have accepted the death of humans or just care about the cute things in life? It's OK though, as long as we ignore the dead troops and civilians, it won't bother us... I just watched that video of Montel Williams and I agree with him 100%. Though, you are right, it came out of no where. Heath Ledger, then directly about the Iraq War. In this discussion, we are talking about a dead puppy vs dead humans, both related to the war! Heath Ledger has nothing to do with the war, but this dead puppy does!