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  1. I loved that map, sniped 3 dudes at the windmill from the second floor window of the barn with one bullet. They just lined up in a row for me. I think Gen. Dagnabbit from TOU was one of them LMAO! Damn feels like such a long time ago. This was also the first map I ever got quick-sniped on, man I was so pissed.
  2. I hadn't planned on going so prolly no, but I do have a friend here who has a state of the art 5,000sqft recording studio in west ashley, Darius Rucker and Sting use it, and he has the set up company that has all the equipemt, pa's and amps and mics and speaker and stuff, and instruments. I should hook you two up. Lemme find his info and I will PM you.
  3. Dude, I live in Charleston, SC. Anything I can do to help out?
  4. LOL, I was in ReD when Rock157 was leader, after he left and made Flatline Ops, then later merged that with S+S and made..what was it Halo.. Legion of Souls or something, anyways that didnt work out and I left flatline during that merge and went looking for some other ReD members and found Black Cell. As soon as I found their site I read a post from Demo saying he was disbanding Black Cell and joining OGC, he was Seal Team Black leader for OGC with a whole squad of former ReD cell members. After a lengthy recruitment process (i tk'd 5 OGCers as a recruit with one nade on Fault) they finally let me in. He later left OGC because HNIC didn't make it in. Within a few months most of the former ReD cell members became inactive at OGC. Like Venomv, Wrath, Slade, Gator etc etc. That was back in 2007 if I remember correctly. I don't remember what happen to most of the guys. I think Mr.Wickwire was in or is in 101st. Damn a trip down memory lane, reminds me of the good ole days when ReD and APC were allied clans, before Demo got removed as UF Creator, and Sniper was a member of ReD Cell not APC lololol No charge for the history lesson
  5. Registered and ready for action.

  6. Red Cell's tag was [ReD] not [RED] ( a former member should now ) and OGC can come off the nap list now that we've signed up for In Country right? Oh, and our tag is [OGC] not [oGc].
  7. LOL, Kurtz's phone was blowin' up... had to put a stop to it
  8. Shhhhhhhh!!!!.... I'll open it back up in an hour or so LOL
  9. I really enjoy this show. The wife "says" she doesn't like all the gore but looking at all the buff guys and naked-ness has gotten her in the mood quite a few times. ;D we are a 30 something couple with 3 kids, go figure.
  10. Wholly Crap! I thought I was the only "old" BBS-er around here. I use to run my own BBS back in the day (before internet) started out the a good ol' 1200bps modem LOLOLOL and man lemme tell ya when I got my hands on my Zyxle 16.8 (it was as big as a laptop is now.. well almost) I just thought I was the shiiiiaat. I had BRE and SRE on that BBS and a game called LOD (land of devastation) that actually graphics. We averaged 300 callers per month back then. We had some good battles with other BBS's too! I would be down for this.
  11. I also lost mine, well my kids did and I just looked in the box that Confrontation/Headset came in (yes i saved it) and low and behold there was a spare rubber ring! Check your box if you still have it.
  12. When I signed it yesterday it was only at 16k, seems like it's gaining more and more signatures now.