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  1. bump were looking for one or two ppl to help finish up our roster
  2. Check us out!! were a compilation of members from several clans most notably the uprising and Blur, we are looking for 18+ players who have great gun skill and teamwork !!
  3. I'm just confused how you can put a patent on a tac map which essentially is a map of the countries on planet earth. I mean in theory, tac maps are very similar to the game of Risk.
  4. actually i did provide proof to johnson30 when i talked to him on the phone for 30 minutes the day after the 1st set of wars in this tourny. at the time i had no pc to email him what i found but i laid out VERY clear directions on how to find the gamebattles profiles of the 2 aiel players and yes at the time the one vr player ( shes no longer on the gb team ) that i found to be currently on gb teams, one of the aiel players was a LEADER of a gb team and the other was a co-leader. i provided exact team names and player names, as well as one players second psn name and all the teams he was on currently. yet after all that im sorry i couldnt spoon feed the info directly to you with a direct link but like i said at that specific time i was waiting to get my laptop back from toshiba, however i find it VERY amusing that the week folloing me never hearing a response form ace or johnson about what i found i got my laptop back on went on thier gb profiles and magically like it never happened thier accounts were gone.... hmmm seems liek someone was given a heads up. For even more specific details the 2 aiel players were macandjacks and sandman who has a second psn called oApollo.
  5. I am the one who does ALL the research for each and every clans roster before and during all the tournys that we ( the U ) partake in. I also believe that i alerted UF staff to aiel potentially having 2 "ringers" at the beginning of the tourny and NOTHING was done about it. So for this to come out just supports my orginal claim, so now im just gunna say that i am very disappointed in the ruling.I also agree with what others have said this opens up a whole new can of worms for people to find loopholes in stacking rosters for tournys. To really think that all this was done with no intention of using ringers is naive and ridiculous. i mean the evidence provided is MORE than enough to show that these players were there solely for one reason and one reason only. so based on this ruling i am no longer partaking in uf sanctioned events i will still and always will be a member of The U but i wont play in anything UF holds as a tourny. So with that being said good luck to all the clans that i have played with and against and all the players who know me and either love me or hate me ive always had fun playing against you guys. so with all that being said im going to get to say my 4 favorite words, I TOLD YOU SO.
  6. ok so i got the beta and entered the code and it keeps saying code is invalid, anyone know when the beta starts ? and is that why it keeps telling me its invalid?
  7. i think a clan can post its looking but a individual cannot
  8. hey whats up guys add me on the xbox if u have one im always looking for ppl to party up with my live account is zViCaRiouSz
  9. irish were u a good guy or a bad guy ? and r u getting the game ?
  10. i really like this game ive been playing the beta for 2 days and i love the concept. i would totally pay 15 a month to play this game
  11. socom will release anywhere between dec. 17th 2010 and dec.17 2033
  12. how could u sit there and say this game is better than mw2 and mw1 ? treyarc sucks man , world at war was horrible and this is the exact same game but a different era and some different guns, i NEVER go booted as much as i do in this game, and i never had such a hard time keeping the party together as i do in this one. there in my opinion infinity ward is much better,
  13. having an open nat doesnt help mine has been open since the patch yet every game i play halfway thru i get connection interrupted thing on my screen then the room gets booted, the game is a fail the patch is a fail. now i cant even mute the dumb immigrants in the lobbies any more either now im forced to listen to them. i played from 6am this morning till 11 am and got 2 , 2!! full games in all the rest i got booted or the game wouldnt even load, not to mention the 2 hard reboots i had to do. infinity ward for the win.
  14. btw this is a great video, very informative
  15. xbox has a much better menu system than ps3 and all the "promised" things that xbox says it can do it does. im still waiting over 1-3 years for the supposed ability to listen to music while i play my games like xbox, cross game chat, and dozens of other things we were told we would get in patches and as a apart of psn plus. also, xbox bans people all the time and they have a much better online security since u have to pay, which in honesty i dont mind paying 60 bucks a year to have the features xbox has over psn.
  16. ^ lol are u serious...better than xbox ?? lol
  17. anyone know what this did ?
  18. no problem like i said i get invites for him and psn friends invites all the time
  19. there was a xxvicariousxx who played in game battles the same time i did. i know this cause i used to get team invites that i'm assuming were for him.
  20. no im not the same xvicariousx that was in .dm what game did .dm even play ? ive had this psn name since day one of the playstation 3. ive been in uprising for almost 2 years now minus a brief sepertation. before that i was a member of a few other UF clans around here, as far as any other clan i could have been apart of i was in 1 game battles clan when confrontation first came out[ Nc* ]night crew but they never cheated. so no im not him. nice try though.
  21. there is one thing i do miss from the "old" UF days... this thread would have been locked DAYS ago