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  1. Grand Theft Auto 4

    The biggest problem with this game is that it seems like the only way to get auto aim off is to turn it off yourself and 90% of the guys that come in leave when they see its off, this game needs the UF community to make it respectable, too many soft idiots who like it when the game aims for them. This game is dope and Urban Fury would be crazy. Good Thread D.
  2. Saints Row2

    I played Co-Op with my buddy online and the game is so much better with 2 people. Better game then GTA i think.

    im at the screaming mantis fight now
  4. When the cats away...

    we love you too stormwatch...damn i gotta change my
  5. MGS Online ID. Updated Tue 6/26

  6. Metal Gear Online Review

    Im well into the single player now and i gotta say its the best single player game ive played...the story is starting to tie together and i just made it to the big surprise mission...old school MGS players will be smiling when you get there, im not gonna give anything away though. Online is decent...its not socom or COD but its definitely only complaint is that you cant use the Octo-camo online unless you play as snake...which only one person can do and im not even sure if he uses the octo-camo as ive never played as him. If you haven't bought this game yet go do it...the single player experience alone is worth the money. Anyone who plays online add me....PSN: Seifer-519 , MGS Game ID: seifer-519
  7. All Time Favorite Movies

    1. Casino 2. Heat
  8. 16 Socom CA Clans WANTED!!

    most definitely
  9. Kimbo's fight...

    I watched it...that shit was weak...2 bullshit stoppages...they're babying their fighters, people payed to sit there and watch someone get punched out and the 2 top fights got stopped...that ear was nice tho. If you wanna see an amazing elite xc fight look up Frank Shamrock vs. Cung lee....that shit was like bloodsport 4 or something it was ridiculous.
  10. Liquor or Marijuana

  11. Grand Theft Auto 4

    The game is best when played with people you know...and with mics....makes a big difference, otherwise everyone is just running around like headless chickens.
  12. [LPK] Are Champions of Crucible-2

    Very good job i wish we videotaped the black 5 championship...i dunno why someone wouldnt want to be recorded in a championship match...i wanna be FAMOUS.
  13. Liquor or Marijuana

    Me and Miss Mary Jane like to get drunk liver hurts....
  14. Organized Khaos [<N>] + [POW] = [KOS]

    this is gonna be ill. ;D
  15. Grand Theft Auto 4

    you know i love it...ive only played with you recently disciple, havent seen anyone else.