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  1. Snowbud please bring it to a rest. We are just trying to be respectful thats all. Posting what I said has nothing to do with how I feel about this community and you know it. I understand you are part of the EVAL team but I also understand that this community is build on honor and respect. Respect the fact that we split and we are doing our own thing again and honor the fact that I never said one thing bad about the community here in urgent fury. If you check your history guys you will notice that I've been totally respectful to all clans here since I joined the community over 4 years ago. So please Snowbud as a member of the UF EVAL team "Win with honor, and lose with dignity".
  2. Guys this is a mature community of gamers. I dont think no one cares about our personal conversation enough for you to come at me so hard. I am not the one to tell anyone how things fell apart between us because at the end of the day we are all here for the games. I think it just shows your true character when you do such things. I wish yall nothing but the upmost luck in the future guys. And I've always been respectful in my approach. I've have been a member of this community since the 3rd tacmap tourney and POW was part of this community long ago. I love the clans here and I love the respectful nature of this community. Reguardless of what you guys say I am going on the record and saying I enjoy being apart of this community. There is no need to try and sway other opinions of me because most guys know me better than that. I apoligize if it seems as if I have bad feelings toward you guys but I dont and I'm making that public. We at POW want to be around other great gamers and enjoy the community in whole. Again sorry for the confusion.
  3. Yes guys sorry for the confusion. I have brought back [POW] Predators Of War and we look forward to being a major player in the great UF community once again.
  4. Lmao!!!!! Yea thats Junk!!! Thats what he tried to get me to call him!! lol