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Found 20 results

  1. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, Why in the world did they award 3 rounds to Machida? I WANTED machida to win but I don't think he deserved it. I thought Rua won 3 rounds and tied a round. At most I think Machida won 2 rounds but yet the unanimous decision went to Machida. It was a close fight but Rua definitely did more damage. The only time his accuracy went down is the beginning of the 4th round when Machida made him miss 8-9 leg kicks in the beginning. Maybe the stats showed Machida with more hits or accuracy than I saw but Rua seemed to be the aggressor, he definitely did more damage, and he seemed to land more shots. Anyone care to explain the judges decision?
  2. I need some help, or suggestions on how to speed up the process of some work I am doing. I keep, and have been keeping a running tally each and every month of each clans wins and losses, points made, rounds won and lost, yada yada yada. During the month, I will enter in date like this: Clan wins losses rounds won draws rounds lost points Now, when I go to week 2, I have to break out the old calclator and manually add the numbers to replace those from week one. Is ther not an easier way to to this and let excel do the work? PLEASE help me. This takes waaaaay to much time.
  3. I know "Most" of the clans here would not do it, but can there be a rule on committing suicide on purpose? Example: Out of 8 rounds total for the match Team A planted the bomb 4x times and Team B has planted the bomb 3x times and now Team B is about to tie the game with a bomb plant, but Team A commits suicide and though Team B gets the round won Team A wins the match because they had more bomb plants! Or does this rule fall under the "No Draws win" rule?
  4. I decided to hop in on that whole celebrity boxing stuff too. Yeah Canseco really beat my brains in, I think he enjoyed it after all the crap I talked about his steroid using ass LOL: Really though I had a septoplasty (to fix a deviated septum) done today, along with taking out some bone and a polyp. Just thought I'd post up as I'm astonished how big my nose is now with the gauze and swelling LOL. Enjoy and let the ribbing begin haha. I'm going back to sleep now.
  5. There is a UF room that I'll have up for the entire night tonight, New Years Eve. Up in Central 16. If you wish to stop by, it'll be good to see you. All maps are 10 rounds, 6 minutes, standard rules.
  6. I dont know how many teams played on Monday, but since it was cancelled, we didnt. Tonight was our first official Horseman Match. Just want to hear what some of you think. I personally think it's awesome 10 minutes seems a little long for the rounds, but I can see how it makes or breaks the idea. Our first war was AWESOME, we only went in 3v3, but it was very intense, we played all 10 rounds, and all the way to the last 2 minutes of the final round. Lots of fun, very nerve-racking. What do you guys think?
  7. On average, how long are your guys' COD matches lasting. I see its first to 1000 and people posting that there are 5 rounds won, is that 500 kills minimum?
  8. CDBS14

    war stories

    ok this is really funny happened to me just a few minutes ago, against LPK, right before the war i had to use the bathroom to take a number 2, but the i noticed it was 10;30 est which meant wartime and i said damn im gonna crap my pants, so the war went on, the last 2 rounds i was so desperate to end the game cause i was gonna crap my pants i was just running around shooting at random, anyways war ends and i like ran to the bathroom, barely made it, a second more and i would be smelling like doodoo right now. lol. so what are some of your stories, could be a UF war or just a public room match.
  9. Wondering if anyone else saw Kimbo's fight on CBS tonight? if so whats your thoughts? I thought it was crap, they want kimbo to become this huge star way too bad. he lost the first 2 rounds, the got 4 good shots on Thompson in the 3rd and the ref stops the fight. Thompson was fine, no reason to stop the fight. Kimbo can punch hard but sucks as a mma fighter. he fought a scrub tonight and should have lost. Enough is enough with kimbo, CBS primetime fight? ESPN cover? Country music award ceremony's? They want to make him a star so badly.
  10. I was curious if anybody from SxB kept the round count. Squid and I were chatting and if the war lasted just over 75 minutes and rounds are 2.5 long..... Wouldnt that put us close to 28-30 rounds? And the thing is, I wouldnt have even called it camping. Sure we slowed it down a bit when it went to sudden death but.... I thought both teams played the game. Great war fellas, it was fun.
  11. When you go to kill Faulton or whatever his name is. Do you get the choice to NOT kill him at the end there. You chase him on top of the building and there was that little red icon on top of his head. But I was too trigger happy and never went for the finishing scene and I put about 20 rounds in that mother. But now I am not so sure because I am stuck with Demetri's Ass. Why would I want to kill Faulton it doesn't make sense because if I was in it for the money? You don't kill the boss that's been paying you. So my biggest question is was there an opportunity to not kill him at the last of that mission? If so what happens if you don't.
  12. Guest

    31 shots fired by one cop

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080425/ap_on_re_us/police_shooting This is the Sean Bell story out of NY. He got gunned down by some cops, one of which fired 31 rounds - and that alone freaking amazes me. But the cops got off. My question is this -- what the heck kinda gun did that cop have? does anybody have any idea to the truth, the cop that shot 31 rounds? tragic story.
  13. So how did the first two rounds of the NFL draft end up for your team? Chicago took OT Chris Williams and RB Matt Forte. I'm just excited to get ANYONE new in the RB position that what we already have. Hope Chicago goes for a QB in Round 3.
  14. Hey guys....always forget to hit these forums when making my rounds to "spam" LOL Just wanted to let everyone know we've launched our new site... http://www.dv8news.com and we'd love for you to register on our forums to show support (bring your sigs, there's a male ego thing going on there, who has the best sig) Also, tell everyone you know, we're trying to get the word out to get as many viewers as possible...we're gonna take over the world come hell or high water.
  15. I was curious as to the thought behind allowing 2 lives in Search & Destroy. One of the things that makes this mode so great and popular is that fact that it ISNT respawn. With only 3 minute rounds, why would you allow a 2nd life? S&D is one of the most popular modes in the game for a reason, why change it?
  16. Looking to practice some Maden 08 on the PS3. If anyone has the game and wants to go a few rounds let me know, shoot me a PM etc. US25
  17. You peckerheads stood your ground for TWENTY-EIGHT GODDAMN ROUNDS! Last time I was in a 3-hour war........well, I don't REMEMBER ever being in a three hour, one-map, 28-round night time war! LOL DAMN. DAMN!
  18. ok i have to ask something about the rules that is not listed in the rules...the thing is about the bomb and planting after every one is dead... every one that plays socom knows that some times when the bomb is planted after every one is dead it can make the planting team win 2 rounds insted of one.. and can make the game lag realy bad.. starting the next round 2 min's late...
  19. This is going to the fight of year IMO. I think the Iceman is going to put him down in two rounds. Either way, it's going to be one hell of a fight.

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