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  1. us at >7< have been getting back to ca
  2. people have prob. seen this one but this kid kills me...
  3. j i have a pair i use with my iphone, the smoken buds, i like them alot.
  4. wait those guys are gay? are you guys sure? i think their just 4 best friends who like the company of other men.
  5. hoyce went out of style with bell bottoms. he might of made bjj what it is today but noy MMA
  6. a pretty face or rag to riches story should be the face of MMA. the elite xc should be worried about the face of MMA. they need to work on getting some real upper class fighters first.
  7. the issue is not that he's not that good its that he shouldn't be the face for mma. your right alot of people watched mma for the first time to see that fight, but now alot of those people are talking down about the sport. i've been hearing how barbaric it was, people saying "its just 2 big guys punching and kicking each other" and their right thats all sat night was. instead of using kimbo to sell mma how about using a kid like faber? a face you could sell, and amazing skills. why isn't ESPN pushing him on sports center and their mags. he would be a much better introduction for a new viewer into mma. and calling kimbo a star like tyson was is ridicules. tyson was the top fighter in his weight class at his peak popularity. tyson did not get people watching boxing, it was a popular sport for 100 years when tyson came around.
  8. it was a kick in the face to all trained MMA fighters to have that fight be what prime time America was introduced to. How about giving the skilled guys a chance to be on prime time. everyone wants to sell a story, how he came from the streets blah blah blah. how about the guys who worked hard to stay off the streets? the fighters that are good citizens, and don't need some rags to riches story to sell them. watch some wec fighters, their on some small market channel and are very skilled athletes. my bjj trainer fought an undercard at kimbos fight sat. night. he fights at 126 and is a very skilled fighter. they be better off showing his fight. his name is andre "Gigueto" soares heres a few of his fights... in both of these he breaks the guys arm. no vid yet of sats fight. he's from Brazil and now trains out of north NJ
  9. could agree more^^^^^ and your right about the CBS thing, that should effect the fights, back in the 70's and 80's CBS, ABC,and NBC have boxing on every sat. they had some brutal fights on and that was prime time. elite xc is just a weak league that will fade away, as will kimbo if he ever steps in with a real elite mma fighter.
  10. thanks, not sure why it sits so low, my clan mate fever made it. i know shit about this stuff.
  11. they couldn't let those fights get to brutal, it was the first time mma was on prime time. they are hoping to sell mma to the public. most Americans would flip if they saw some brutal beating take place. then today all the media would be call it a blood sport and so on. i think faver wins tonight.
  12. agreed fine was not a good choice of word, but i didn't think the ref needed to stop the fight that quick. overall elite xc can hold a candle to the ufc or wec.
  13. Wondering if anyone else saw Kimbo's fight on CBS tonight? if so whats your thoughts? I thought it was crap, they want kimbo to become this huge star way too bad. he lost the first 2 rounds, the got 4 good shots on Thompson in the 3rd and the ref stops the fight. Thompson was fine, no reason to stop the fight. Kimbo can punch hard but sucks as a mma fighter. he fought a scrub tonight and should have lost. Enough is enough with kimbo, CBS primetime fight? ESPN cover? Country music award ceremony's? They want to make him a star so badly.