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  1. ATTN: All

    Ive hear enough after 2 pages. I simply offer this. Dv8 , we have ran into you guys countless times in pub games and walked you like the female dogs you are. I will accept a 1v1 from any of your clan members. Win or not, IDK because we here at iLL back our $#!+ talk up. If you want to step up, then come to and challenge us. Plain and simple. If you want a piece of this action add PSN Nutritional and state who you are. There is a whole lot of talk and no walk going on here. Wiz, and other captains , sorry but I cant sit around and read anymore of this. CHALLENGE IS UP.
  2. Attn: iLL vs SxB war

    Yup, could have gone either way there. Im glad to hear I wasn't the only one freaking out. My mic died, and its a good thing because I was yellin at my TV like it owed me money. Puddy, I remeber one specific grenade from you that wiped out half our team when we were defusing... Very nice clinch play man Grats and GFG guys, hecka fun.
  3. [iLL] Power

    lewl nice
  4. Grand Theft Auto 4

    I haven't even bought it yet, I never really got into the gta games, I just used the code to get the tank and drove around like a dummy when I played... Never ever completed a mission........
  5. Anyone turn there PS3 into a Computer yet?

    I dont see the point, I run my ps3 and computer off the same tv so either I can set up the ps for that, or just hit "Imput / PC"
  6. 3. [503]BHU420 (Oshawa Ontario) NICE BHU, im in Bowmanville Ontario 4. [iLL]nutritional (Bowmanville Ontario)
  7. [LPK] Are Champions of Crucible-2

    Thanks for the help guys, and sorry for spamming the poo outta your glory thread. I feel bad I sowwy
  8. [LPK] Are Champions of Crucible-2

    We as a clan made the decision, we are united as a team and a family , iLL is not a dictator ship lol. Im not planning on debating, I just wanted to state clearly that we have nothing to hide (i thought this was a one pager and replied b4 I saw wiz and squid's posts on the other page lol). Now will someoen please tell me how to add my clan tag!~>
  9. UFC 2 Championship [iLL] v [LPK]

    Are you kidding me? LOL Wouldint matter anyways, since I assume iLL will have the deciding vote on which clan takes which side if it goes to a 3rd map. That being said, since I believe there is basically no chance iLL will lose on Ambush (they are way to solid on that map, great teamwork), and even if LPK takes their map (same as SHO did on Showdown, 4-0), you will be very hard pressed to attack iLL on Bog as not only is the map kind of lopsided in favour of the defending side (thanks UF ), but iLL does an amazing job of holding both plant sites down. iLL ftw! Not to put anyone on our team down, but I think Squid does an amazing job at holiding both plant sides down lol, hes a monster. I resent this lol, Im a canadian with a nice hair cut (maybe considered a surfer dooo) and I have absoutely no interest in Moose.
  10. [LPK] Are Champions of Crucible-2

    1. Put your tag on Nut nobody here knows who you are. 2. Look at the title of this thread. Say congrats to LPK or say nothing at all. 1. HAI PRANE!! 2. Im a noob and I dont know how to get my tag on 3. I modifyed because I lost track of what my initial goal was (to congratulate)
  11. [LPK] Are Champions of Crucible-2

    Just to clarify , this isn't completely an Issue of being recorded. Its the fact that we have played in Both UF tourneys with not a single complaint about us and then suddenly the rules have been changed without any notification to Wiz. We do not have a problem with being recorded, its the fact that there was 1 week of notice before the final match , the rules were changed mid match. If the matches are to be recorded during the UF tournament that is fine. I just don't want anyone getting the wrong idea. We have NOTHING to hide. [LPK] My sincerest congrats to you guys, you definatley fought your way to the top and now your the champs! I was looking forward to gaming with you guys and hope we can soon. ~nut
  12. Iso: Dope azz sig

    no dice eh? I had a reply from the [iLL] forum but thats all... common , n e one?
  13. was just browsing and I have to say affliction, your sig is DOPE
  14. Please and thank you. Something pertaning to COD4 with my name would be sick! Hoepfully something with the clan tag [iLL] soon too