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  1. Im still on the fence. I DO NOT trust either party... hell Obama & Bush are frickin cousins!!! And McCAIN/Palin? that team is veering being a solid & complete JOKE. But DAYUM Palin is a cutie. lol
  2. Year in & year out I am amazed at how many interpretations of whats REAL & whats not are debated. I am reading about Who is the best rapper alive when the very concept is ludicris. First of all ME coming from the BRONX. Ive seen RAP from the begining stages... So let me correct the initial statement/question... & say theres no such thing as a RAPPER! There is ONLY the M.C. who raps. Mainstream media & well sorry... white suburban america adopted this term. 2nd 99.9999% of M.C's talk about absolutely nothing in their music degrading woman ect. which IMO only leaves one true M.C. Kris Parker aka KRS-ONE just YOUTUBE or google & you'll learn something. The rest is pure bobbie sox! lol
  3. My cousin said his new nick name shouold be Mike Con'Vick... lmao
  4. heh oh yea... well how 'bout this? WetONEZ HotDunez And these are people actually trying to get it right... not trying to make jokes...
  5. Welll... Chruchy... we've still got you on the "ta do list" at least... lol take the moldy bread and see if you can make that sticky bomb. use your spit and that cultured urine we told you about... lmao
  6. omg I am at work dieing in laughter.. and people are looking at me weird... Well, Churchy.... clinch ya butt cheeks if they keep moving you from camp to camp.. it might take a while. but rest assured we are coming for you. This is classic material