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Found 24 results

  1. I'm gonna "blow up" someone's "spot" in "dis hurr" thing. I'm so white. Buttt........... iDelux from SHO isn't! so he is with some tracks ps: he really hates it when he has his big ta-ta'd white girl over and you say perverted stuff on the mic about her. Specially in socom with the prox mic!! muahahahaha
  2. Hey, my name is Jerry. I'm a new recruit for RPD and I'm enjoying it. SOCOM is where its at. I tend to mumble a lot on the mic lol my bad. Lets 'Git ir don'
  3. Wow the game is sick! It uses licensed aircraft (which I didnt know). I like how you can record and post your games- Shit is fun as hell... Only one problem- Me and a friend were playing and having trouble with the mic's- breaking up, etc (tested on other games and it worked fine). Anyone know if this is a known issue or if it has specific ports needing opened? Thanks, US25
  4. is anyone else obsessed with the Sham-WOW commercials?? Why does he wear that mic on his head?? Am i supposed to believe that if i call i'll be lucky enough to talk to this guy? Why everyday does he say he can only give us this EXTRA set of magical towels for the next 20min. cause he can't do that all day? how do they know exactly what time i saw the commercial, maybe i saw it 21min. ago but i'm calling now, are you not going to give me these EXTRA set of magic towels? and why are they soooo great cause they were made in Germany? Hitler was made in Germany, he wasn't soo great.and why are they so great at soaking up stuff? where does it all go?? how does a towel hold THAT much soda? Will it hold that much other liquids? what about blood or urine? they both need to be cleaned up quickly.
  5. Does anyone have any problems with their mic sound settings on the PS3? My mic seems to be very low when I talk but my settings on the ps3 is on 5. Also I have tired 3 different mics and it doesn't help. Anyone know whats the problem?
  6. i'm sure i read that you could use it as a mic while it was charging in the stand. has anyone tried this?
  7. I dont understand. I synced it to my ps3, but when i turned on socom, it still showed up as me not having a mic. Any help would be much appreciated, Im still hearing talking through my tv and cant talk
  8. Does anyone here have this and played it online? Can you play either one of these against a friend online but with mic support? So you can talk online while you're playing? The descriptions say that it's online multiplayer capable but don't say much about mic support. If not....are there any other decent $5.99-$9.99 DL-able games out there on the PS store that DO support mic-chat while playing against/with someone? What about GAUNTLET? (I loved that game) Can you play WITH someone with mic support on this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. DAMN man. i LOVE it. the gameplay's a LITTLE slower than usual, but i like the overall feel. likes: the weapons, graphics, controls, the additions to the map, the mic system(LOVE it). not likes: the sixaxis tilt(and the fact if you turn it off you can't peek around corners), the slowed down game speed(a LOT slower than CA)
  10. Guys, I just got off the phone with Maverick and we have a serious issue. He said Undertow was lagging REALLY bad playing bags and Sniper tried to speak up but his mic wasn't working so he didn't know what he was saying. Mav has it all on tape, so the proof will posted soon.
  11. I would like to be able to record the 'conversations' that go on during gameplay with Socom: 3 / CA. Are there any devices or ways that this can be done? Even an External Speaker and Mic system, would suffice! ???
  12. Alright guys, i will have mine tomorrow, for those of you who are playing it now, what do you think. Hows the graphics? Online play? Headset (open mic)? Overall Gameplay
  13. Well tonight sparked this thread. At my clans site we had a thread that depicted funny happenings during matches and random on line fun. Well I was playing with some of the APC guys and some of those "happenings" occured tonight. So post your favorite moment, whether they be with clan mates or random people. Here are mine. *APC guys talking about grinders moustache hitting the mic when he talks* Grinder: "You mean my clitorious stimulator?" *Being funny and calling people out in a free for all* Grinder: "Dude you are totally blind!" Tow: "Where is he?" Grinder: "Can't seem to get a visual on him." You might have needed to be there for that one. LOL So tell me your funny moment.
  14. Hey guys, So i know there is a program on my computer were i can record sound through my mic. I have yet to test the quality. Is there a good program to record sound?
  15. Hey everyone.... This is really for those who have the 40G version of the PS3. With only 2 USB ports, I have more than I few things I wouldn't mind having to always switch out here and there whenever I need them. A controller being recharged. A keyboard. A headset. Now this PS3 Eye. Can I successfully use like a USB hub of some sort plugged into one of the USB ports in the PS3 and have that work ALL of the above, simultaneously, without any problems? Is anyone currently doing this? I know when I had the 60G, and it had 4 USB ports, some of them wouldn't work, or I'd have to plug my mic into a certain port but not the others, or the keyboard and the headset wouldn't work if both were plugged in. I don't know. But again....was wondering if anyone here has first-hand knowledge of a multi-USB hub SUCCESSFULLY working on a 40G.

    Speaker Mic

    Im looking to make a speaker for the PS2, instead of having to wear the mic, I want everone in the room to be able to hear what is being said. But I still need to use the mic to talk. I know UF is filled with some smart people. Can we get some plans thrown up of something that would work with minimal work LOL Help the Diggler out PLEASE
  17. When I'm on Cod my mic is lit up and I think people can hear me but I can't hear anyone. Then if I unplug my mic I can hear everyone on my tv. Does this mean I need a new one?? If anyone knows please tell me. And if I do need a new one should I stick with the usb corded headset or should i go to bluetooth?? If bluetooth do they have ones with a mute?? With my kids and old lady so loud all the time I need to have a mute button. Any info would be great. Thanks ahead of time!!!!
  18. Check out I'm not sure the quality of the mic, but for $8 how can you go wrong?
  19. As many of you have noticed I picked up another copy of Socom CA for my son. KillerV2.0 is his name and he is only 9 years old. It's kinda sad sometimes because he actually plays better than I do in some games. Do any of you guys have kids that play? One thing though, I DO NOT let him use the mic. Too many bungholes on this game that talk too much dung.
  20. MedicSgt


    Is there a way to delete your current PS3 online name and have a different one? Any help would be appreciated. On the PS3 I can't hear anyone when I plug the headset in, only when it is unplugged. When I do plug it in those playing can hear me. I have set the mic area to usb headset for both options, is there anything else that I can do?
  21. I was just thinking about something while sitting here. What was the worst someone ever botched your name on the mic on Socom? Here is my list: Smokeorama Smokinsam Smokesomi Smokebam Smokeabon
  22. Guest

    A little help please??

    Ok i can't hear or talk in socom ca with my ps3 It works fine with my ps2 i tried it. my rounter is a Linksys WRT54G Wireless. I know how to do portforwarding for ps2's just fine cause i did it for my 2 ps2's i have in my house and they both work fine. My ps3 however doesn't seem to work the same way. I know my mic is working because i was able to use it in Rainbow 6 last night with a clanmate. SO HOW DO I GET SOCOM mic to work on my ps3??
  23. xFiRe


    This was a while ago but I remember seeing a video where someone could record ingame mic. So not only recording video and gun effects but someone record people talking during a public room. Anyone know how to do this? My guess is if this was ever made , a USB A Female (which the ps2 mic goes in) comes out to 2 USB a MALE (one for ps2 and one for computer to accompany the capture card). Have you guys ever seen this video, or know how to do it?