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  1. I would've preferred to talk about Soccer and the World Cup 100x more than I would have talking about the overrated Heat.
  2. I say Vernon Wells will win. Remember, it's very rare that the best home run hitter in the derby actually wins
  3. I think everyone is just burnt out on all of the Lebron bullshit that's been taking over the sports world.
  4. Jesus, this commercial looks like it was recorded in the 80s
  5. I agree. Removing the hackers on the leaderboards shouldn't be that hard, should it? I mean I'm sure the LEGIT leader is nowhere NEAR as high as the hackers. I guess that's what happens when you're lazy and half your studio quits.
  6. It's alright, can be fun. I hopped into a room with a party of 4 a few days back and we ended up in a FFA with each other. No boosting, just running around having fun. Some may think something like this will lead to boosting, but thats not ALWAYS the case. You can't prevent boosting, the most you can do is hope for the best. I like Barebones. No killstreaks, more fun.
  7. So when did 3D become the benchmark of online gaming? 3D is a fad. It always has been and always will be. 3D is nothing but a gimmick. I don't see how they seem to stay behind because they decide to do a little something called Kinect instead of support 3D. Looks like everyone is forgetting how much more the 360 offers than any other console on the market. Even though the PS3 is now catching up to the 360 (it took them long enough), the 360 easily sets the bar when it comes to added services to the 360. Everything is better on the 360 than it is on the PS3. The 360 seems to keep adding more to their Gold service, while Playstation Plus is Sony's ATTEMPT at following 360's footsteps. I don't know about you guys, but I don't get a boner when people mention 3D. 3D is just going to be another one of those things that try to make shitty games look better since everyone will be all hyped by 3D. I'm glad Microsoft decided not to follow the tracks of the others and decided to go even further with Kinect.
  8. Please tell me you kidding right ? Not only does PSN have more users then XBOX did you notice the fact we have more exclusive games,demos and features then XBOX ? You guys do get COD map packs before us I guess I'll just have to play my Socom 4, Killzone 3, Medal of Honor , GT 5, God of war 3, Assassins Creed Brotherhood MP beta and Twisted Metal while I wait lol. Congrats on having Halo Reach and Gears 3 though but for some reason I think I'll still with my PlayStation you know the system that's more powerful, faster, operates on blue-ray and has had a slim model for what a year now oh not to mention the PS3 move is much cheaper and is already being said to be more accurate then the Kinect. I'm not going to have a fanboy argument right now, but the only reason why PSN has more users is because you can create like 100 accounts on every system. I bet that XBL has far more unique users than PSN.
  9. Stoked. Twisted Metal has always been great and the new one looks like it's going to be sick. Adding helicopters and destructible environments is a huge plus. The game modes they showed looked fun, too. I can't wait. It's about time they brought this game back.
  10. Bethesda isn't developing New Vegas. They're publishing it, but that's all. So they MIGHT have something else going on.
  11. Gotta love trailers... too bad the game will be nothing like that. I didn't have an issue with the first game, I thought it was fun as hell and had a cool story. It was just wayy too short. If they lengthen this game, I'll definitely get it.
  12. If you look at when he opens his map, you'll see how far out he is on the map. The majority of all gunfights SHOULD be happening around the bottom of the map, away from the gigantic open area. I wouldn't be too worried about something like this. They won't see many people, and if your team keeps running the same way and getting killed by the same guy, maybe they deserve to be nuked..
  13. Carnival is easily the best map to me. It's the one I looked forward to the most and it's definitely a worthy map for a map pack. It does suck that you can be spawn trapped in Domination. There's basically two paths out of the A spawn and a well coordinated team can easily watch both entrances. However, A and B are extremely close to each other. Actually, all the points are fairly close to each other, so you can protect more than 1 point if you have the right set-up. Trailer Park is pretty much Scrapyard, but more confusing. There are a few trailers where you can actually sit next to a toilet or kitchen stove and someone won't see you. It's one of those maps thats so fast paced, you can actually miss people that are directly in front of you. Air support owns the map. If you get a Gunner, you pretty much are guaranteed to get a Nuke. Fuel is hard to sum up honestly. It's basically a square map with a gigantic outside area they added for shits and giggles. They could have easily cut the map in half and it would've played almost the same. Overgrown is a lot more of an open map than Fuel is. There's about 3 or 4 main buildings and a few smaller rooms where you can look out of a window and look at the middle of the map. From what I've played, there are a lot of claymore users. People tend to sit in the buildings with a long distance gun and a shotty. You can sit on a few roofs and hide behind the generators/vents on the top of the buildings. The outside area of the map is pretty huge. It's only on one side of the map for some odd reason, but that outside part just seems weird. When you play domination, the outside has no use. The 3 points are in the buildings area of the map and that outside part just sits there. In TDM, snipers will camp out there since there is a grassy area and try to pick off people. There's also some type of silo's if I'm not mistaken. It's kind of like they added Rust to the outside of the map, but obviously it's not as big as Rust or else it'll be huge. It's just more condensed, but I stand by my thought that it has almost no effect on the rest of the map. I guess it does make you more cautious as you run around the map from spawn to spawn since you can get picked off, otherwise most people wil stick to the middle. For me, Carnival is the best map of the bunch. It feels like it was put together well and it shows that they put time and effort into making it. Aside from the spawn trapping on dom, it's an awesome map. Fun to look at and fun to play if you're just running around. The other two aren't TERRIBLE, but I think they're the two weakest maps of the 6 that have been released. Remember, that's just my opinion. I'm not the hugest fan of small close quarters maps and I just don't like the layout of Fuel.