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  2. Just a thing to remember all though some may thinks this is cheap it is however a tactic/strategy trick the opponent into victory. This is to remind you all though all want to win no matter what............................... DON'T LOSE YOUR OR INTEGRITY
  3. I would have done the same thing Church, if I were taken. LOL
  4. I would say that it's GOOD TO GO! If your in a fair fight you didn't plan it properly. You do what you have to to be victorious as long as it doesn't break the rules on here.
  5. LMAO, I'm sitting here laughing my ass off at some of the things you are putting.
  6. Damn, nice sigs there everyone but my favorites are Goats and boody!
  7. LoL, I will get them, I realy don't care when they come out. I'm content with what is going on right now and what we have, nothing is perfect and it is still fun to get on with everyone.
  8. I'm going to see it tomorrow evening when I get off work! I have enjoyed all of these movies thus far!! ;D
  9. LOL! Wow, what were you on when you thought of this? I'll play though, I think that I would live in Tidal Fury just so i can have me a nice exotic area and sit on the beach with mojito's all day, I pretend that it's a latin country. ;D
  10. "For the operators, whom a wise commander uses with great skill and forethought, and whom the fool throws away in ignorance and contempt." - Greg Walker (Dedication - At the Hurricane's Eye)
  11. Oh, hell yeah band of bothers is great!
  12. So much hostility getting boiled up here and right before war kicks off. :-\ Might be some areas getting invaded. Someone is going to be losing some land! ;D
  13. WOW , I hate to hear that! Hopefully no one else lost their life or any family members.
  14. Oops posted before I was ready. Did anyone ever state what he was suspected of using anyways? I thought it was human growth hormones which are different from that of steroids.
  15. the tests for regular drug test aren't cheap but they are usually around 6,000 dollars to test for steroids
  16. wow someone is really dedicated! I'm just jealous!!
  17. thanks ZERO, which would be the best buy for the money? That's all I need to know now. Or should I get the HDMI DVI, or just HDMI. LOL
  18. Will have to take a picture but I play on a 42'' LCD Sony, with a PS3, but I don't even have the HDMI hookup. Been to cheap to go and buy one. ;D
  19. Yeah, I will be having to check that out!
  20. MedicSgt

    UF on Wikipedia

    I don't see how it would be a bad thing if Stormwatch did do it. :-\ If you did good job , if not oh well, it's still there more publicity ;D
  21. Alright, will try it. thanks
  22. Tell me about the 1080p as well I don't believe mine is set up that way.
  23. I actually watch just about every show that comes on the military channel, Futureweapons, New technology, combat zone, my diary, etc. I enjoy them all. But "MANHUNT" looks like it will be a good watch for sure!