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  1. Yes, that will ruin it for me as far as keeping my interest. It will also not be one where you can really utilize tactics with a respawn. Well, i guess I say that because I have never liked respawn except for warming up or practicing. But I'm sure it will still be fun but not a SOCOM replacement that's a definite.
  2. MedicSgt

    Make me a Woman

  3. LMAO, I couldn't listen to it more than once that chant was terrible!
  4. , Even the coldest of hearts would have to crumble with that speach. Takes a big person to admit their faults and your OK in my book, not that you ever weren't .
  5. Wow, a true warrior gets no love?!
  6. MedicSgt


    You can't just hit triangle while on your name a delete it. That is only with those on the friends list. I have tried going through every part of the account management and profile area to change things but have had no luck. Does anyone have any further advice on how to go about this? :-\
  7. Good to go, I've been in since Urgent Fury 2...looks like I will be signing up. S.E.R.E training sounds like it will be real nice to know for this. Would someone mind making me one of the breakout sigs?
  8. I think he's getting way too much attention but that's just my opinion.
  9. I'll be buying it that's for sure.
  10. LOL, I've heard that one somewhere before, but it was still good.
  11. I am going to try and do it. I have never done it before.
  12. This is not even close to being true. You only get better. Most get lazy to.
  13. and who would that be??? D I will not say!
  14. MedicSgt


    Yeah , I was wanting to keep the same name that I use for all of them. Thanks Reaper.
  15. Nice, those look better than mine. Mine are just the original with no color.
  16. MedicSgt

    CIA Training

    LMAO, that's my wife there.
  17. I remember these guys...all seemed to be pretty good guys except for one annoying one. ;D
  18. MedicSgt


    Is there a way to delete your current PS3 online name and have a different one? Any help would be appreciated. On the PS3 I can't hear anyone when I plug the headset in, only when it is unplugged. When I do plug it in those playing can hear me. I have set the mic area to usb headset for both options, is there anything else that I can do?
  19. I'm not sure why but the book link doesn't seem to be working now.? See if this Sole survivor works now.
  20. Alright here is the link for the one listed as Sole Survivor.
  21. Alright the photos didn't come up so i will try and get those shortly.
  22. The book was wrote by Marcus Luttrel, who is the only SEAL who survived the 2 helo's getting shot down in Afghan back in 2005. <----the book link A news story about this event with photos... The Sole Survivor Lone Survivor Photos A link for the interview: Possible movie going to be made:
  23. Tom Clancy is good if you want a fiction book, but there are books out there like the two that I listed that are of real life operators and operations that are better.