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  1. Yeah , I heard all the reviews about it, so I will be going to see it here shortly.
  2. lmao, where are you getting these from Pito?
  3. i have actually been thinking about buying this again to play. I miss fish hook and some others.
  4. I might have to check that out. If you want to read a good book read "Lone Survivor" or "Hunting The Jackal".
  5. That was great. LMAO
  6. LOL, keep them coming! ;D
  7. I would have to agree with Marine...However in this situation If you jump up there then I don't see why it would be a glitch. This is my first time hearing that you could actually do this though.
  8. PSN: MedicSgt8 Right now I only have RB6Vegas though. Soon to have GRAW2, Warhawk and all other WAR (Shooter) games.
  9. Yep damn good movie. Although I will have to watch it again because the wife wanted popcorn and a soda!
  10. WOW, I can't even believe that this would be an option of where to dispose this. I will sign, I enjoyed lake Michigan.
  11. I got on there last night, no problems for me.
  12. This latest podcast damn near brought a tear to my eye. Good job on it.
  13. I have to agree with HAVOC on this one!! I will not respond to the rest of ignorance posted by lighting.
  14. NO DOUBT!!
  15. Good luck APOC, it's not hard at all, just have fun with it and take nothing personal.
  16. I'm a combat veteran from the Navy (FMF) Corpsman and as a Private Military Contractor. I'm now both in the Army and I work with SOC-SMG (HDSOC). It's a private military company. 8)SAVAGE COME ON OVER TO THE GREEN Thanks to all those that served and that still serve.
  17. It is not our place to make any comment regarding this situation. We are not involved. I hope that neither [*s*] nor [JyK] take it personally. Me as well fellas just trying to have a drama free and fun environment. ;D
  18. Edmaster, I really don't care! When I'm drinking vodka it will come out however it comes out! ;D