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  1. Here's a great version... The A-Team (2010) Theatrical Trailer
  2. We are here to discuss the war settings pros and cons. this is a great read.
  3. I understand no 203's. What about launchers to shoot down helos? Which ones are usable? And what if you use one to get a few kills? Would that be a dq? If so what if you shoot one and it kills someone by accident? (Anything can happen) I love the idea of keeping the Killstreaks in the wars. They are a great part of the game. But we need to keep in the ground equalizers.
  4. I'm now anti video games. > ban them all. Save the idiots, I mean children. :police: I'm glad God blessed me with a daughter. If I had a son and he acted remotely close to that I would be on the news - Man strangles son with wireless controller... Story at 11.-
  5. It's worth the money. The chat system is cool. Talking to friends as we play different games is a nice feature. The join friends game options are much cleaner in any game than on the PS3. Its one or 2 buttons away where on the PS3 it could be different for each game. Now on the other side the free service on the PS3 is really good on its own. Sure it takes more time to DL updates but they are free. Would I pay for more on the PS3? Sure. But the way they are going (Netflix coming soon) I won't have to.
  6. We pay for Live and overall it is superior to the PSN. I'm down for paying for quality service. And if its not worth the money I would move on. If enough people don't pay to play then they will NOT charge for it on the PSN. They just won't sell as many games or have people buy the DLC. It won't make financial sence to charge for something when they have so many free options that are great games.
  7. For Xbox & PS3..? I'm guessing MW1 = CoD4. For Both but this is the XBOX section and Falcon asked to post who was intrested. We have a larger PS3 roster but we hope to have a few Tournaments here to keep the boys hungry on the 360 side.
  8. Top-billin will be putting together an iLL MW2 squad. Shoot me an invite on the XBL PSYCHOFACTOR We have a nice size crew that we hope will morph into a constant presence on the game.
  9. Is it taking a looong time to get this latest download? I'm closing in on 20 hrs now and its not done. Edit- If you are stuck at 99% quit game and restart it. It will continue at 99% and finish after a while.
  10. I don't get it. You have to pay a monthly fee on PC to play online? That sucks.
  11. Southland was a great show. Hope TNT picks it up. They are finishing up Saving Grace (Great show as well) next season so it will fit in nice with the rest of its primetime line up. (Levarage is a cool show as well)
  12. NY GIANTS. I'll give the Saints credit they brought it against Big Blue. Hope they woke up the sleeping Giants!!!
  13. Go Yankees. ;D
  14. It has Multi Player. 4vs4 and you control a squad of 4.