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  1. I just had the pleasure of meeting an ass by the name of [CTS] CTS-ICE_MIKE (CHI TOWN SOLDIERS). I don't know if they are involved with UF or not. However if they are, get your boy under control because he and two or three others that are running with him are destroying any credibility your clan may have had. He is the epitome of a 12 year old shit talker that just fucked with the wrong person. I don't think I need say more, as most of you here have known me for years. If you run across this bunch, don't expect a UF atmosphere out of them. GRINDER
  2. Up to 5 pages now busa. How many pages do you need to get your Tags? ;D
  3. Congratulations Fellas. Hope to see you in the next one. I want revenge Biiiaatcchhes.
  7. Im sure most have seen this but its worth one more watch.
  8. Here ya go... Start building
  9. I run 2 macs in my studio for Pro Tools recordings. They are G4s and have never givin me an ounce of pain. 9 years old.....!!!! At work I use server 2003 (servers) and dell 520's (end users). I have more lock ups and buffer overruns with the PC based machines. If you have never used macs I would stick with PCs unless you plan to make pro recordings. The macs take some getting use too as far as internal and global settings.
  10. teenie weenie
  11. TITANS beat them all and then fondle theyre cheerleaders.
  12. OMG!!! No more........ Please make it stop. Is that mongoose fighting a.... name any animal here.
  13. Ive gotta setup. let me know the details, I may be able to help out.