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Everything posted by CDBS14

  1. With the recent patch the latency issues are gone for the most part. Elite only works for people with founder status right now. The onlt thing that sucks is that they are patching the game and pushing data packets but they do not release a patch note, so basically no one knows what the patch or the packets do. We can just assume they balance issues, ban people, and helped with the lag.
  2. New Clan Introduction Enter Clan Name InFamous Enter Clan Tag ~InF Clan Contact: CDBS14 Clan Contact Email [email protected] Clan Web Address Has anyone in your clan ever participated in Urgent Fury? yes, many of us including myself. If yes, please tell us what percentage of your players have played here. 75% Has the leader of your clan ever led a clan here at Urgent Fury and if yes, what clan and what was their name in that clan? cBs> To your knowledge, have you or any member of your clan been suspen
  3. nope i dont see that?? it still does not work
  4. no that was not my case, it just doesnt log in, i forgot my password and the email i dont use anymore. shane wont answer on aim and idk lol, i want to sign up.
  5. i forgot my password and the email i have it registered with no longer idk what to do.
  6. see the email was not lying............
  7. The 37 days talk about the ORBIT (one year) one year for that planet (a full rotation around its parent star is 37 days.) The article is very poorly worded, by doesn't rotate much it means its such a massive (hopefully rocky planet) neat the sun, the gravity of the huge planet and its small sun creat a drag, thus the planet revolves much slower than earth. For example Jupiter spins faster than earth and different parts of jupiter spin faster or slower than others. So answering your questions in that planet Days are longer and so are nights. Personally i wouldn't be too surprised,
  8. the one sent 2 days ago about a new site coming here to UF, you guys also listed...... 1. socom tacmap 2. socom black 3. MW2 crucible 4. MOH and black ops tournament 5. every clan member needs to sign up here to play (if you got email you are good, its what it said)
  9. didnt you guys get that email?
  10. it is a tournament with a grand prize of 9 bucks?
  11. agree =D why does it have to be league? could be ladder.
  12. i know it was called socom battles. Also its cool to have clan tag ownership.....but how would you feel if some random clan made on the first day beats you to making the clan tag? Is it really that big of a deal when someone puts on your tag? Personally i would be pissed if lets say for example my 4+ year old clan from the socom2 days cannot use its clan tag because some kids beat me to it, then i bet everyone here would be mad at the issue.
  13. what do you guys mean clan support? All you need is a clan tag? Back when i played BF2, COD1&2, BF2142, Counter strike, starcraft and MOH on PC, people didnt need fancy clan support? no one ever bothered to say.....we need in game ladders and rosters. I just do not understand when you guys say clan support? Aren't the websites such as this one, UF? supposed to provide clan matches? aren't the clan sites for individual clans supposed to provide a roster and common meeting ground for clan members? Let me give you an example, if COD black ops and SOCOM4 had dedicated and
  14. MOH is basically Battle field with smaller maps and killstreaks. The same gameplay. Black ops actually seems to bring something new to the COD series.
  15. most of my threads die lo, you make it =D Then we can have like weekly topics, or daily topics, about anything.
  16. what you on about? Dont be hatin =D
  17. It can be argued in favor of freedom of speech.....just like people who wear "CHE" t-shirts, or any other shirt with a political message. Some say that the KKK hood represents their political message and ideology, in a sense it is their way of speech, a symbol of their group. It is up to the judge and jury to decide whether is represents freedom of speech or not. =D I am just looking at it both way of the argument, i am not going to put my opinion here on the matter because things here get heated quickly, specially against me. lol =D I also like debating, so i am really liking this thr
  18. Not in the constitution (you are confusing it with freedom of speech) Come on, you guys got to check up on your law more.
  19. Theur freedom of "expression" which is loosely defined, in reality you are violating their rights to privacy, their rights to property and their right to hold assembly (gather in groups). Many states have banned the hood because they have provided sufficient evidence that "The KKK hood is a symbol of hate, oppression, and endanger of welfare to others" The thing is many KKK or Neo-nazi groups have lately come together under a religion, they are extreme christian groups (loosely defined as that). So they use freedom of religion and press to get away with it.
  20. 1. It is not a mosque, it is a recreation center, there is a praying area on the top floor. 2. It is not on ground zero, it is like 4 blocks down from ground zero. Back on topic, France has been pushing for these kind of laws for quite some time, there were riots back in 2008 because muslims were not allowed to pray and other bans on RELIGION as a whole, not just Islam. I honestly do not see a big deal with it, you are moving into THEIR country, THEIR laws, if you do not like it leave. I mean what is the point of complaining? The french are already giving you FREE HEALTHCARE (some o