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  1. Hey Boavista hows it going? good to see you made it over here
  2. That all sounds great Shane and thanks for giving us this opportunity. We will blitz the Euro clans web sites and see if we can get interest. I have asked Puddy to draw us up a poster or something we can go to forums and post that will let the clan know what you guys are about and get them to reg on here
  3. We are very polite people (until we are in game lol)
  4. just want to say HI guys from us at SxB Euro Division. Havnt been on here for a while
  5. Fragil rock is great man. But at least you guys are getting this game on the 14th Im in U.K. and we dont even have a release date, even if you go into a shop and ask no-one can tell you when socom is coming out
  6. [SxB]russ73


    2 of our lesser players but they did alright LMFAO
  7. Well guys I dont know if this would count but I bought a 42" full HD lcd tv on the understanding I was getting the ps3 the next week. But from that I have changed the router and plan on getting a 50-60" tv or a projector and ps3 for the bedroom
  8. [SxB]russ73

    im speechless

    Well guys puddy is a NASCAR fan so it could be him lmao
  9. I thought you saved the rubbish speeches for only our forum but I see your at it here too puddy
  10. I hope your right and this lands in oct. This would be sweet ;D
  11. thanks for the info guys. Im looking forward to see this for myself
  12. So for all you guys that got the beta let us know what you think about it. Its something I am looking forward to
  13. I have only been on about 3 nights but only once have i finished a full game. I am a none socom gamer but do have it pre-ordered. There are far too many problems with it at the minute and I hope they are sorted before the game is released
  14. I installed and updated the folding at home this morning and it changed to LIFE with playstation. Seems like a good thing im looking forward to new things on it maybe other channels