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  1. We haven't seen the last of SOCOM. -Slith
  2. It was a tough Tournament.. And not necessarily because there were many tough opponents (Although the clans that did sign up, where hella good and should be rewarded for sticking to this game). But it was tough because we got to watch SOCOM die right in-front of our eyes as we progressed through the Tournament. Regardless, thanks guys. -Slith
  3. iTunes.. Although I guess it depends on the song. -Slith
  4. Good to hear RVN. Forum looks great, and I really enjoy your sigs. Best of luck. See you on the battlefield, -Slith
  5. Fix the classic mics so at the very least, it beeps when you push to talk, and it beeps when you lose the mic. I would personally love it if the Classic mics went back to any previous SOCOM style. -Slith
  6. Best of luck to TOW, and RVN. Much respect to you both. -Slith
  7. Still notice some issues with the Collision camera... other than that, its been great. -Slith
  8. Was drinking Monster for a while to give me energy at work. The crash completely sucks, I would always fall asleep driving home... and the odd day that I wouldn't drink one, I would be a zombie all day because my body relied upon it. Now, I drink Redbull. =) -Slith
  9. Meh. Its better than the box. IMO. -Slith
  10. Sad to hear you go Joe. Hoping to see you and Ravenfall for that matter on the battlefield in the near future. Best of luck bud. -Slith
  11. Was the drink you finished ice cold coffee? I hate when that happens.. The best part about reading these threads? Like TOW, I was introduced to the BSG beta. Fuckin' eh. Seriously, calm down folks. Go play SOCOM, drink warm coffee, use rulers for sigs and look at the pretty colors the new ads present us. Life's good. -Slith
  12. Your ID was transferred over... you should have gotten an email (Most-likely in your Junk mail) that links you to reset your password. If not just PM on here, and I will manually reset your password, then you can change it to whatever you want afterwards. Thanks -Slith

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