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  1. Finally, I'm going to get my Sunday's back! Right after the premiere of DEXTER comes 'Homeland': <br>A taut psychological thriller about a volatile CIA officer (Emmy® winner Claire Danes) who becomes convinced that a recently rescued American POW may be connected to an al Qaeda plot to be carried out on U.S. soil. Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis also star. It Centers on Marine Sergeant Scott Brody, who returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson, a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. Here's a clip about it and I KNOW this is going to be the TV-series of the whole damn year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILpqK44jZHw Here's the Teaser-Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzqTQKzciUY
  2. I just need to purchase one song for a picture montage. I need to put it on a thumb drive along with the pictures.
  3. You can get the new one for pretty cheap if you trade in all your other stuff to Gamestop.!! Plus they give you 7 days to transfer all your data to the new hard drive before you have to turn it in.
  4. So i was wondering who if anyone will be in route on my way back, or any great spots along the way that you guys suggest. I will be flying out roughly May 13th to Chicago and then will be hopping in a car w/ my brother and making the drive back to Oregon. I know there are a few of you in Chi.. and im sure there are more along the way... here is a screen shot of our projected route which may change due to various factors but this is the easiest , quickest way back.. Like i said.. if any of you are in my route home and want to meet up for a beer or a blunt.. let me know.
  5. So I just wiped a hard drive for a relative and re-installed XP. While I did it I thought I would do the partition thing. Which im not too familiar with in the first place. Well my issue is in this 80 gig hard drive, I set aside 5 gigs in the partition...well turns out that thats all I can use rite now...says disk is getting full and shit. I am in manage my computer than clicked disk managment and I see the other 70 or so gigs there but says unallocated. So I tried to make it a new partition and it turned geen and said unused space...but It doesnt show up when I look at the amount of disk space left. Is there a way to re-link the 70 gigs to the 5 I set aside? Or anyway to see and use the rest the drive?
  6. ok so I wanna take this girl bungee jumping this month, but, the place i went to over the summer is closed now.Anyone know somewhere around the Rhode island, Mass. area that I can go? I don't mind a few hours drive for a good jump. As a P.S. i tried googlin it but got nothing and i wanna know somewhere that someone has had a personal good experience
  7. James Butler of St. Louis intercepted a Matt Stafford pass in the end zone to stop a Detroit drive, which was sweet. Rather than kneeling for a touchback, Butler ran out of the end zone, was surrounded, then ran back into the end zone where he was tackled for a safety.
  8. Alright, so it's USC at Oregon this coming Saturday. 7 pm pst on Halloween night, in Eugene. 2 top teams going head to head, the winner of this game will most likely win the Pac-10. College Gameday will be in Eugene for this one. I was talking to my buddy, and he has an extra ticket. So it's a good chance that I will be making the drive up for this game. What do you guys think, who will win?? You all know who I think will win it!!
  9. The system itself has the ability to do this, right? Or do I need to buy an external hard drive or USB Drive to do this?
  10. I drive by this place about once a week and i figured i would ask if you guys are spying on us here in 503... lol Looks like some sort of underground HQ. The sign on the window says Commercial Business Furniture .. CBF. Anyways.. i thought others might get a kick out of this too..
  11. "OMG, someone please come by, our server is down.. It won't turn on at all.. I don't know what's wrong with it." They called tech support, and got no where.. So Im told to rush out of my current job, and haul ass and go get them back up.. I drive 1.25 hrs, and push the power button.. Problem resolved.. Seriously, some people are complete morons...
  12. So me and my Dad go to get food for everyone cuz we just got back from baseball. We are in the drive threw of pollo loco we get up to the order box, we ask for a 6 piece they tell us that they don't have chicken I immediately started dying from laughing, how the hell does El Pollo Loco run out of chicken.
  13. Hey guys, Got a laptop infront of me. Hard drive is shot. I bought a new Hard drive.. Tried loading windows on it and it just shuts down half way through the process.... Any ideas? I was thinking If I could get a recovery disk I might be able to still use the old HD? I just want the laptop to work...LOL Thansk for any help!
  14. Greedy Bastards! ;D LOL! But seriously, I'll be having some extra money soon and there's some things I want to get for my new house and the bedroom and I could really use the help in finding the best deals as I've never been too savvy in the past. I have about 1400-1600 to really work with and the most bang for the buck really counts here. I would like a: -Full Sized Bed (Just mattress and box-spring) Firm, possibly padded? And a place where I can get good bedding for cheap prices!? -A 32-35" 720p or better LCD TV -A PS3 -Any extra money left-over then a laptop would be nice. Something with 2 GB of Ram and at least an 80-100 gig hard drive. Decent graphics and sound, with microsoft office and vista
  15. HEY YOU GUYS... i would like to introduce myself to you all. ;D i am a membor of "AOV" and they brag about you all are the best one's to make a signature for me. i do not know where to start and any help would be great. i was told to tell you a little about me.. so... pro military- served 10 years in U.S. Coast Guard (puddle jumper) as a port securityman- now wear a tie and "sensitive" about my looks - (metro) and the box is due to i drive a "fag wagon" (scion xb) . not sure if there is anything else you all need. just ask. thank you all in advance. metrobox
  16. so i want to back up my PS3. it says that i need at least 32GB of free space so i can't use my 4GB junk dive. i have a external HD but i connect it to the PS3 and it's not recognized or something so i can't back up. how do i get my PS3 to recognize my external HD???
  17. WOW what a start for the eagles man!! opening drive score a td by Westbrook! Eagles stopped skins on there first drive 3 and out then they punt and Desean Jackson punt return for a TD 14-0 eagles lol woot
  18. Guest

    Driving Tips

    1. If you're in the left lane, and everybody's passing you on the right, that means you need to get the fuck out of the left lane, genius. 2. If you stop to talk in the store, get your fat ass out of the middle of the aisle. If you don't, and someone politely says, 'Excuse me' to get through, you have no right to look at them like they just shit in your coffee. 3. Walk on the right side of the aisle. Works like a charm, just like they taught you in kindergarten. 4. If you're stuck in a line of cars behind someone who needs to read rule number one above, but you're not the poor slob right behind the asshole, tailgating, flashing your high-beams, hitting the horn or giving the finger will not help. The poor slob that's in front of you can't go any faster than the shithead in front of him. Chill the fuck out. 5. Hang the fuck up and drive. 6. Four-wheel drive means you can probably get going when it's snowing. However, it doesn't mean that you can stop, nor does it give you the right to drive like a fucking maniac and cause problems for people who don't have four wheel drive. 7. If you're someone who can't buy a clue and still has to drive in the left lane all the time because you're afraid to change lanes, stay the fuck home or ride the damn bus. 8. The next time you cut a corner, rather than turning into your own lane, realize that if you're in an accident, it will be your fault. More importantly, if you hit someone and you're not injured in the accident, don't be surprised if they beat the shit out of you for being stupid. 9. If it's raining, or snowing, or foggy, or dark, turn your headlights on, and use the low beams. High beams just reflect the fog, blind the other drivers, and prove to the world that you're a stupid fuck.
  19. I dont know if anyone here in the UF forums has ever tried salvia but it is a legal hallucinogen and man does it fuck you up I was given a hit big enough to get 3 people high so needless to say I was fucked up my guitar folded in half and I was speaking in broken sentence's and tripping on my buddy for giving me that much all I know is that it was pretty funny and I would do it again now that I know what to expect, but this video kind shows the effects from an outsiders view. http://www.vidmax.com/video/7458/Dude_tries_to_drive_right_after_a_huge_hit_of_Salvia_/
  20. I'm finally going to go to gamestop and get a hard drive [and reserve socom *masturbates*] back on topic. I'll be playing a little 360 while waiting for Socom. I'm going to be playing Gears of War mostly, and I don't think any of you guys play GoW. Discuss!
  21. Guest

    things could be worse

    i have noticed a few people on here talking about the price of gas, and everywhere you go nowadays its a hot topic. well folks, thought i would let you all know that things could be worse. see right now oil is around $120 a barrel. for those that dont know, 1 barrel of oil is 42 gallons. right now it cost approximately $3.10 cents to refine 1 gallon of crude oil. add govt. taxes on top of that, and you will realize that $4.00 a gallon means NO profit at the pump for the gas companies, the ones we all blame. so really, things could be a lot worse than they are right now. on a side note, with the uber-increase of oil consumption in china (about 400% in 3 years) no matter how many hybrids we drive or alternative fuels we burn, the price of oil will never come down!!!
  22. When i put in my combined assault disk today it said this game is compatable with your hard drive and you have to download an update from the playstation store then partition it. I dont see any difference but can someone explain it to me? Do i have to delete the memory card first?
  23. PS3 Song Part 2, Sony Has No games - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaNh-NPkeAA
  24. Guest

    Ps3 free games?

    i no for the ps2 u coudl rent games and stick them on ur hard drive with sum special CD thing is it possible 2 do it with the Ps3 yet?>
  25. I have a buddy coming to visit soon and we both play the same games. Does anyone know if the PSN allows for multiple users to play on the same system? For instance can we both play Tiger 08 using our saved profiles? Can he download his info to a thumb drive and then upload it when he gets here? Anything we can do? Thanks.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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