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  1. "AYE" can i team up with anyone? RELAXATIVITY is my gamertag
  2. coldwolf


    sup fellas i am on COD4. pop me a friend inv. im the only one in my clan thats on 360 RELAXATIVITY.look forward to shootin it up
  3. lol agreed dominion.why use a gun when u got a rocket .cod is to easy with the nube tube and chili pop me a friend invite RELAXATIVITY i gotta 360 also.been a long time since we gamed
  4. how bout we start putting rooms so i can shoot RPG"S all day ;D ;D ;D ;D good ole days
  5. anybody remember CHRONO TRIGGER? ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. itsa all good hell yeah man much appreciated tool.
  7. BROBROBROBROBRO ;D last but not least bro lol
  8. coldwolf

    2 Word Game

    why do
  9. awesome TOOL thanks for taking the time in creating one for me .im sure itll be good no matter what it is bro.MODIFIED DUE TO THE NUMBER OF BRO'S LOL
  10. no idea about templates and etc anything in mind?
  11. wattup yall seeing if someone can work their magic. Clan name is organized khaos.seeing if someone can make a sig that includes the clan name and a wolf (something creative)ohh yea and mayb an rpg or m3 strapped on the wolf. ;D if you could help me out that would be awesome thanks again uf community
  12. what a UF classic.had the same feelings back in UF 3.couldnt have been any closer then that.congradz again fellas and enjoy ;D
  13. best of luck fellas,looking forward to shooting it up wit you all ;D
  14. yall should do a erb convention.test each others shit and see whose is the best once and for all lol