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  1. the killer with this is you couldnt use most headsets that have optical cables and play in surround sounds your limited to 2 channel stereo... The happauge takes optical.
  2. Welcome to Urgent Fury good to have yah here. If you end up picking a ps3 just shoot me a message with your psn id and ill add you help you learn the ropes of competitive gaming.
  3. fruit ninja, angry birds, cut the rope, tapatalk
  4. ive been in the beta for a long time i told johnson the specs a while back but wasnt sure if it should be posted up till the socom codes started working...
  5. uhh ohhh havent met you yet! im sure youll find me gaming with laladoll and the ladies soon
  6. technically 1st place could win 12 prizes for being in UF premium
  7. Welcome to Urgent Fury!!! Be sure to check out our podcast and PlayStation Home show, UFREQTV!!
  8. I know deviant art has all kinds of brushes and tutorials on there. Sent from my dish washer my phone was busy
  9. I like the look of the ads lol its like a new page every time i switch topics. plus some of the games are pretty fun
  10. Rumpo viper and jack uk are around checkk out UfreqTV its hosted by jack uk Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  11. Just a friendly fyi, there are other threads in this forum, Uf bashers seem to come here everyday just hoping to find a bone to pick at.... Im just saying if your going to post here be part of the community, dont just jump in when you have a problem with something thats going on. Honestly i dont understand why people feel the need to fight this, if it fails it fails if it passes it passes there is nothing anybody here can do to hinder said process. But seriously though you take the time to check and find this and post non stop but you dont care enough to post on anything else in this site, no
  12. cool thanks lol im #1 on the leaderboard somehow