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  1. If you reallu look at uplink is extraction instead of people it is data.
  2. MAG is not bad but stop playing when friends and clan stopped playing. Rolling by yourself on there you run into douche bags . Trying to vote you out because they want to be squad leader. But might have to pick it up tomorrow
  3. going to have to dust off my copy and starting playing again
  4. Hey tool you should pick it up it is fun
  5. only thing about all madden cpu makes unbelievable offensive plays
  6. Personally I dont like it but its just like any other trend some like it some dont. Thank LiL wayne for starting this.
  7. might have to pick this one up after seeing video
  8. Being a Cowboy fan glad to see Mcnabb leave Philly. Never understood why Philly fans disliked him so much. For years he had no weapons in philly and won. And when that they got some playmakers they get rid of him. LMFAO Living in Washington DC area I am used to hearing Redskins fans cry and blame their qb for every lost. Guess it robbed off on Philly fans. NFC east predictions. 1 Cowboys 11 -5 2 Giants 9-7 3 Redskins 7-9 4 Eagles 6-10
  9. Without a offensive line Mcnabb will be in trouble. The redskins O line was horrible last year and now that Chris Samuels retired it is worse. Now add a new coach , offense and defense switching to 3-4 they will still be last in Nfc east.
  10. Lebron stays in cleveland Wade to bulls Bosh to wizards to team up with Arenas