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    COD MW2 Poll

    I agree. I didn't have a problem with people sponging bullets on standard.
  2. I'm trying to make a theme for my clan and need some help with the top banner. What should I put up there? Should it stay blank? Please critique and help me out. thanks I'm not sure how to share the actual jpeg file. It's suppose to be 1920x1080.
  3. maybe sharpen the border one time..the pics look kinda low res or over stretched. But overall it looks good.
  4. dillemma_


    I don't mind him coming back. I sure didn't think he would go to the Eagles. He's still gonna be suspended for a few weeks once the season starts. It's gonna be strange when they go to Atlanta...
  5. So it's a 12v12 but with only 4 human players a :-\
  6. "I got you now, Jesus is on my side." ...lolz
  7. I vote No. It doesn't really say what he did to get banned but I don't think Sony should be accountable for breaking his 1st amendment rights. He obviously has issues and Sony doesn't do background checks on every PS3 owner so if someone breaks a rule or does something to get banned everyone is treated equally. I think this guy is trying to get some easy money. He wouldn't show up for the court case anyway...he's agoraphobic
  8. As long as you have 3 mics in a room you can talk to each other...most of the time
  9. the real question is where did the .01/penny go? You could say they didn't pay 9 each they paid 10 and were given 5 dollars. So the whole each paying $9 would be irrelevant...but that wouldn't be any fun
  10. If the cost was reduced to $25 then they each paid $8.33. 8.33 * 3 = 25...rounded up 2 to the bellhop 1 to each hunter $30 right? :-\
  11. But you dont promote one tournament on another tournaments site. If you want to go to the top clans website that would be fine. Common sense... A pm to Undertow would of dissolved this whole situation in the first place.
  12. Yea...sadly it's photoshopped. It does look like the Mixer but it's from MGO.