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Found 25 results

  1. Ravenfall is a military-shooter gaming clan with a focus on SOCOM 4 and Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3. We are a 21yoa and over clan. We Win with Honor, and Lose with Dignity. Ravenfall then, naturally, embodies every word of that sentence in its clan functions, personnel, and leadership. This is no smokescreen. This is simply what Ravenfall is. Go to the Ravenfall forums and register. Make sure you put IRISH BULL in the referral box so we know it's not spam.
  2. I have a hobby shop that i run and with the shop we also have a offroad track that we race on the weekends. Well I need to make a banner for the end of the road so people know where the track is easier. Im definatly not a creative person at all. I know how creative members of our community are and thought maybe I could get some help. Either critisizm or ideas or a whole new desing. Im up for anything. The banner will be 4x8' full color double sided. This is what i have so far. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Now that we are official we could really use a banner for sure and sig templates if possible ? Please PM me for details and how much this could cost please!
  4. So I just put the first variation together, also it might be cal bears blue and gold/yellow, or orange instead of yellow/gold.
  5. All Mugs are Buy 1 get one free, this includes coffee cups, travel mugs and beer Steins... So when you order a coffee cup and a beer stein you will get the coffee cup free, etc so you can mix and match. After the first two, all mugs are 50% off. - Beer Steins are $ 13.10 each or $78.60 for the complete set. - Coffee Mugs are $ 6.97 each or $41.82 for the complete set. Click the Market Place Banner and shop away, use Coupon Code 12DEALS2MUGS
  6. banner for our doubles tourney this december any input or comments would be awesome
  7. ok heres the start of the rpd banner not nearly done and dont pay any attention to the poorly done blood on the seal ive already taken that off and i know the far background needs some work. but i do want some critiuqe andideas to add to this
  8. Though it looks like a cheesy game... I clicked on the banner to watch the trailer and its Socom in the Hood! Well not Socom, but it is a Third Persion Shooter... Check it out
  9. I'm trying to make a theme for my clan and need some help with the top banner. What should I put up there? Should it stay blank? Please critique and help me out. thanks I'm not sure how to share the actual jpeg file. It's suppose to be 1920x1080.
  10. I don't know if what I am looking for is even located on the forums anymore or even in UF's database. But back when [TOU] won UF2 a sig/banner was made for us. We can't find that banner any longer and was wondering if anyone could help browse the forums here (maybe the new owners of UF could search the Database storage ... ftp) for the banner that was made. We are trying to collect all the banners that we have won for a HOF area on our website and currently can not locate the UF2 sig/banner. Thanks for your help in advance
  11. I need a banner for my website. For details please contact me at Matthew_Wantuck@stream.com For incentive I'm offering $20 for the banner to be made. Please contact ASAP
  12. lookin 4 a decent clan banner. the clan name...Legion of Doom. leader...xxZOMBIE13xx. anything w/zombies, rob zombie, skulls, guns ect. our motto is "misfits welcome". anyone out there willing 2 help us out on this?
  13. I would like to add my clan to the clan network, but we don't have a banner, so could someone make us a bad ass banner and please no bigger than 500p high x 100p wide. Thanks P.S. if more than 1 person submitts one I will post it on UF forums and my clan forums and put up a vote and the most votes between both forums is the one we will use.
  14. I started a new gfx contest on GL.. I'm using it to see how many might be interested in doing more of them. and I need a new banner. ;D There is no prize, only for fun. (for this one) Anyone interested in showing off their skillz, or just want to help me out, check it out. >GFX Contest<
  15. Hey, I was hoping someone could make me a sig based upon the picture I provide below. I believe it was J-Rite who made me my urgent fury sig and I liked what he did with the UF sig. If possible, I would like a similar format to what he did before but without the UF banner. For example, if you could make it a similar length and width as my UF sig. Also, if you could take out the text already shown in the picture and replace it with "(--> Bleach". Unfortunately, I don't know much about how sig making works. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out with this!!
  16. Hey guys, im right in the middle of making a banner for our clan. I can't render. I was wondering if someone could render this pic for me?
  17. I know that this is the best place for sigs, and banners to be made. BTD is respectfully requesting a banner and uf background be made for us.
  18. Hey guys, I'm in need of a graphics designer or 2,3,4 to help me out for my sports site. I need some help for a header(banner) and a few logos to bring it all together! If anyone can offer some time please contact me via a pm or email me at phillyfan0627@yahoo.com I have the forums closed until its allthe way done, but here is the addy sports-lobby.com/forum
  19. Chili327

    Updated site..!

    Check it out, for almost free. ;D http://www.CDSClan.com or http://www.HolidayInCambodia.net $8 per year for the domain name $4 per month to remove the ad banner. (other wise site is free)
  20. Dude, this thing is massive.. did you pay Havocs High Rise billboards to make this one for you?! Im pretty sure this isnt a sig, its a damn banner.. LOL
  21. forums, there is no top banner and the bars between each category is green. this happening to anyone else?
  22. How do u make like the little banner looking thing at the bottom off peoples sig that says like their name and all that stuff
  23. This is for my music site and i would love if someone could help make it for me. Size: Large Banner Text: Notes with a Beat Image: Kid listening to music or dancing or something Text color: Not to many colors but up to you for types. Background color: Not to many colors but up to you for types. Animation: No I really appreciate it, and i thank you!
  24. Can i get some of you guys to check out our forum and tell me if you think i made that banner to dark. I always need another set of eyes and i can't get ahold of any of my clan mates. Thanks to anyone that has the time to look and comment. http://nightstalkerss.proboards81.com

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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