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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I have been in the coding lab cooking a nice app you guys will like. I am in need of some help for Beta testing. Does anyone have some spare time? Message me on skype: x510carlosx
  2. Well one game. If was Seth and Chris Roper. I think they were testing something because Seths character was doing weird circles. Chris seemed like he was playing some but not much he was like 3 and 5 in respawn.
  3. UFGL will be down for maintenance and testing for the next 2 to 3 days. There should be no data loss as we will not be messing with the database. When we open back up, we think you will enjoy a new but familiar interface. Thanks again to everyone for your continued support as we continue to improve and provide you more options for gaming.
  4. Guys you may notice an extra ad at the very bottom of the forums... we are testing a new system and will only be running uf related ads here. Please pardon the mess
  5. Obviously there will some artwork done in the middle depending on what the person I'm making it for wants.. but other than that obvious flaw, what do you guys think? The green background is for testing purposes.
  6. Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know I will be back playing a lot more XBOX. I am going to pick up COD to play with some of you guys. Add me - XBOX LIVE - MaluNYMets I will be beta testing End War by Tom Clancy and another game which I can not state (lol). Anywayz yeah hit me up! I dont really have anyone from my clan to play with only people I know in really life. Please also let me know who you are! What clan etc. See you guys on the battlefield!
  7. Please forgive me if this has been potsed already, just thought I would pass it along.
  8. I am in testing right now, & i can give you forums, IF you want..!! (you could actually have a URL forwarded to them too.!) It will all work together once my site is up, but until then you can have some private forums for your clan if you don't have any, or are looking. (No advertising.. Completely AD FREE..!!) Just reply here or send me a PM.
  9. My name is acting crazy when I post a message. Do u guys see that? I think I have fixed it though. This is just a testing post. If my name shows up anything other than xHxAxRxLxExYx, then please let me know. Thank you.