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  1. I want a slightly smaller TV for the fact that I'm going to get some Astro A40s. They're wired, so I won't have to sit far away
  2. Alright guys, yet again another question. (Just getting to know the community.) I'm currently looking around a 22" LCD/LED 1080p, but I want to know any preference in size. I sit around 1-2 ft away from my monitor. I also want to have it for PC gaming. If any size would be good for both of these (within my budget of $300), please tell me.
  3. Hey guys, I have two more quick questions. Question 1: How much do regular flash websites cost? (Mainly KI sites.) Question 2: How do you get sponsored as a clan? Most of the people that I ask about cost always say that someone else is paying for it. Well how do you get sponsored by people that are willing to pay that much money for a website and other things?
  4. I still am a child (14), and I got them when I was 6
  5. Hey guys, Rock the Boat is a fairly new gaming community. We are a group of guys that like to sit back, relax, and have fun. But when a challenge is presented, we'll kick your ass. We currently are competing in Game Battles, and just regular Pub gaming. If you want to check us out, please view our website at: Soon, we hope to extend our community to the PS3 and other games. Hopefully you'll come check us out!
  6. Alright, I'll enter my opinion from a child's standpoint. (If you think that 14 is still a child. I do...) I agree with almost all of the posts on here about discipline. Strangely enough, I'm glad that my parents spanked me. I was never grounded until I hit age 11. Back when I was younger, my parents would spank me any time that I did something wrong. And then, my dad would have a conversation about morals with me. If I ever did the thing again, it would result in another spanking. When I would do stuff like that in public though, my parents would count to 3, if I didn't stop by then, they would drop what they were doing, and take me home for an immediate spanking/talking to. I really thought this has made me a better person. I'm glad they did it now that I see what the teenagers do that weren't disciplined properly. I have kids bringing in weed and other drugs into my school. I also agree with most of the gaming posts. Even though I'm not even old enough to play the game, I still do. My parents were very strict at first, and they have become more lenient over time. When I first started playing games (before I could read), my parents would read the game out loud to me (of course censoring out the bad stuff). I could beat my dad at Star Craft and War Craft (the ORIGINAL War Craft) by the age of 6. When my dad realized that he was getting beaten, he transfered me to Racing games on the PS1. I played the hell out of Crash Bandicoot. He also took it upon himself to get me into sports and comic books, so that I would be a well-evened boy. But if I did not make strait A's on my report card by 2nd grade, all of my stuff would be taken away + a good spanking. I learned that I must do well to get rewarded, which is not a trait learned much by children anymore. I moved on to Sports games, and then to Action/Adventure games by the time I was 9. My parents knew the perils of online gaming, and didn't like the sound of it. (Even with my constant complaint of, "Everyone else has it!") When I turned 10, my parents let me play T rated games, which included a few FPS. The more I adapted to the FPS, the more my parents slackened up. When I turned 12, my dad bought me XBL. I was amazed by online gaming, and quickly became good at it. (Perfectionist qualities as well. ) I was monitored heavily, and was only allowed 1 hour of COD a day. My parents also put the block on other people's voices. When my parents saw my skill and interest growing, they allowed me to play with my friends on XBL. Then I had the wonderful pain of hearing my friends talking to non-existent voices. So my parents unlocked the talk feature to all other players. They also made it play through the speakers. Then, with my devious little mind. I would mute people any time my parents got near the room and say, "See! No one's bad on here!" I did shadow my parents from what really happens in-game, but now they know. They also know that I'm mature enough to handle it, and not be a douchebag back. I think that children should slowly be let into the world of online gaming. And then still have a string on their foot, so you can pull them back anytime. Kids can be mature, they just choose not to. My view on ratings: I was introduced to Halo 2 when I was about 9. I knew it was rated M, and that I shouldn't play it, but I did anyway. I found that it was less gruesome than most T rated games I had played. I told my parents about it, and they checked out a bunch of reviews. Most of them said, "Should be Rated T. Only really rated M for online play." I found this to be more and more true. Unfortunately, COD has a reason to be rated M in game. Language. Dropping the F bomb every once in a while just makes ESRB slap an M rating on it. If censorship was available in games, they'd probably all be rated T. There's my view on all of it...
  7. im taking your man card thank you It's from back when you could get the action figures that are platformed at BK. When you get all of them, they make the Fellowship Circle or something. I have yet to camp out for one yet, though.
  8. Ya, I listen to them. Wouldn't be my choice place to propose though, but hey, it's original. lol
  9. The world is pretty screwed up isn't it? When I find something I can do to fix it, I'll try. Until then, I sit at my computer, reading about how screwed up the world is.
  10. I saw the number 4 quite a lot through there. And also, I can't wait for The Hobbit. I'm one of those die hard LOTR fans that camps outside the theater with his action figures. (Not kidding, I have a box full of LOTR action figures in my basement.)
  11. There's a possibility that one of our GFX team members will do it for us. If not, I'm willing to pay
  12. alright, i'll go ahead and do that
  13. As for the border, a guy from our just established GFX team will be doing it for us. But the website deal would be something we need to know an average price for before we jump in.
  14. Yah, along the lines of that, but I don't want an animated one though. I think it looks kinda funny
  15. Hey guys, I attempted GIMP and Photoshop to do this... I'm just not good at stuff like this. Here's what I need: 1) A metallic circle on the left side filled in with a blue background with a silhouette of an old day ship (like a pirate ship) on top (please try to make it look cool). 2) Connected to the right of the circle, I need about a 600x200 px section surrounded by a metallic border 3) Leave the inside of the border transparent, as this will be edited by every member of my clan 4) Inside the border, at the bottom, leave a space that fits into the border, the same color as the border, with about enough space for about a size 16 text 5) Underneath the border, have some blue-ish white text that says (please leave this far out enough so it can be edited, we are going to buy a custom website soon) 6) Make everything look kind of shiny on the border, thus the metallic. I don't want a matte color all the way around. I want it to actually look like metal plating 7) (not required) if possible, it would be cool to add some wire-ish things coming off the border. 8.) Also, if you could make the circle with the ship inside separate as well as in the temp, that would be great! Thanks guys, hope I'm not asking too much.
  16. lol And how much do websites cost? The DK page is quite amazing!
  17. how much do the custom made ones usually cost?
  18. Alright, i'll hit him up for some pointers.
  19. Yah, I'll have to check it out. I'll ask some other people how to find customizable templates.
  20. I know how to make pretty simple quality signatures. But the ones that I'm talking about are like the [ U ] and [uF] sigs. The ones with the circle with a color and picture inside. If I can do that outside border, the rest I can do easily.
  21. I've been noticing all the really cool looking clan signatures on this website. I was just wondering, are these created from scratch, or are there already set templates? If they're made from scratch, can someone please tell me how to make them? Those sig pictures are REALLY cool!