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  1. my Sr25 is at mod 3 right now and i am just playing standard large medley. head shots help but getting the other + help more. like buddy system & lucky mag. i find that counter sniping on sniper heavy maps is the easiest way to do it. as your target is often stationary and prone... free head shot every time! as long as you actually hit them
  2. I do believe that Sony approached Microshaft when the PS3 and XBOX 360 were just coming out with a proposal to have cross console online play. if memory serves MS turned down Sony's offer with a counter that any PS3 user that wanted to Play Xbox players online would have to sign up and PAY to have an XBOX live account, in order to play on the Microsoft servers, but Xbox players would get to play on the Sony servers for FREE because we don't pay for online services. they never came to an agreement and it died.
  3. I think that in the near future we will have game consoles that have 2-6 TB on them. And have all games available for download, as well as disc sales for store front sales. hey the PS4 may have these features or it may have a 6 disk changer, we will have to wait and see.
  4. is this at all like the IPOD/IPAD app "Force of War"?
  5. I full agree with you that this would be a good idea. But now you can just download all your games onto your systems harddrive and your set without ever touching a disk.
  6. i am going to go with some random government agency snatching them up a forcing them to work for them. If that doesn't work i will donate the 9mm round and dig the grave for them. why waist tax payers money when a 2 cent bullet will solve all our problems and prevent over crowding.
  7. all my games are still on their disks. the only games i have on my system are the ones from the "welcome back" i had to many problems with my fatty freezing up, and now that i have nothing saved on there its running high a dry without freezing.
  8. so the PSN was back and now its gone on maintanence again... by the time it comes back on i will have my platunim for Tiger 11... thats not suposed to happen for another 6 months. fucking PSN.
  9. i have the sharpshooter and i used it well playing Time Crisus and its awasome, i used it for single player in S4 but have not tried it online. first i want to use it for co-op, but judging from the above its going to be put away fast.
  10. only in the fact that we have not hunted these over paid PR reps down and strung them up with our playstation cords or beaten them to death with our wireless controllers.
  11. Just a guess but that was suposed to be another spoiler from a mover from years past... a fail or a facepalm would be good here...
  12. I plan on taking a day off when the network comes back on line and just revelling in the missed glee of killing noobies with a As far as I can tell the PSN being down is actually hurting all clans who play online FPS. Potential recruits are buying Xbox and selling their PS3's. Xbox was on sale last weel for $100. That $100 to get your FPS fix on Halo.
  13. it is sad. But this break has allowed me to spend a lot more time getting trophies that i normally don't bother getting. i have also been playing alot of my older games. I was busting zombies yesterday in the original Resident evil! that game was/ is one of the hardest and funnest games ever made.
  14. I agree with the stupidity of the bad guys. My AI team can be out in the open and I can hide in the far, far back and every gun fires at me. It makes things easy though, I just tag everyone for my AI teams to kill and lob the odd grenade out.
  15. i will continue to laugh at Sony, see if my half finished download of Banff springs for tiger 12 is done yet, get my gold course caddy on it. And some where in there i will check to see if the $4.50 that was in my PSN wallet is still there. and then abuse all the noobs on socom 4 like a .99 cent h##*^r.