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  1. Cant wait i love this show
  2. here i just post code first come,can have 388G QKNH M5AL ENJOY......
  3. I got a code 4 anyone who needs.Message me i get it to you.
  4. 1.Some hang ups with walls were you get stuck in jump ,then all of sudden u fall threw the map. It has happen mostly on Bale Out ..... 2. Bomb Tech load out getting transfered to next round... 3. Hit detection still off ,or should i say there might be some lateness between teams? 4. Clan Names not showing up in Clan Challenge 5. Chat button should be with a tone or be able to change to another button 6. OK my last complaint on small maps they should change throwing distants on all boom !
  5. Ok in the Clan Challenge,when u get challenged by a clan in CC, You of course have your clan mates check the list to see rating and amount of players. HERES The catch is you accept the challenge and join then u get in the room and all of sudden the have more ppl then it showed we u accepted wtf ! Ok i understand allowing a player to rejoin after hes booted during game but,not after challenge is accepted! Have any of u guys seen this?
  6. Dang nice header intro to... They deff hooked it up for u guys.....
  7. If u have a Smart phone twitter can be used like insant messager,or news updates If u have it as a Clan Twit it can be used as setting up wars or pratices,hell just about anything. I was on the same boat at first like what the hell do i need twitter for, but now i LOVE IT
  8. Yea our chat went down yesterday with some code error,then each of or clan mates got booted They couldnt log on for about 30 mins or so,SONY said it would happen till all areas were full restored. SOE quoted "WE WILL CLEAR THE CACHE" after so many password changes causes cache to slow servers down. We have to use chat because u cant talk in Clan Challenge for some reason,and one else having same problem?
  9. BIG here is one link i found....
  10. it wont hurt u or ur phone just runs slow,but the thing is its illegal to have open wi-fi from ur home most people dont put password to protect themselves.Im not a hacker but its easy to get into someones files and everything on there computer,so keep wi-fi protected!
  11. One good thing has come of the PSN being down is the UF forums have been getting alot of action,I have been getting alot more even on our clan site. Maybe we should start a PSN stand down once a month to get all Clans and clan members active on UF forums. I dont know just a thought .... Maybe someone could come up with a cool thread to keep alive for it.
  12. just seen this is this thing on? PlayStation Network Restoration In ‘Final Stages’ of Testing; Sony Details Free Identity Theft Program Michael McWhertor— Expected to return sometime this week, Sony's PlayStation Network is still offline. But a spokesman for the PlayStation maker says the team responsible for reviving online play and other network services to the PlayStation 3 and PSP has reached "an important step towards restoring" online functionality. "Today our global network and security teams at Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainmen
  13. PSN Back Up May 4th, 2011 | PlayStation Network have resumed some PSN providers as promised on Sunday, most likely not the way in which we were expecting. It’s confirmed that PSN back up in Japan, hopefully the united kingdom, the US as well as other regions will adhere to shortly. Sony announced that online gameplay for PlayStation 3 and PSP and accessibility to account management functions will go live this week. However, other functions, for example the downloadable games store, won’t arrive back online until later on this month. After a major security breach, it would seem tha