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  1. Glad to see that you guys are still hanging in there, it saddens me to see how many of the old clans are gone now .
  2. Renix3


    PSN - Renix3 I'm currently just came back from a 3 year hiatus from online gaming so I'm still rusty. I'm currently playing Black Ops 2 on the PS3. I mostly play TDM, FFA, and KC. But I'm willing to play other games types. Some other stuff- I'm 23 and pretty laid back. I've competed in a few of the tac - map tourneys here in the socom days (1 to 4) and the UF black series. (1-5) The last clan I was in was [PoW] Predators of War. What I'm looking for is a group to play with. Simple as that. It's getting pretty boring playing on my own.
  3. This is not the UF I remember. Its no longer a comunity but a business. Now that I'm on the outside looking in, it looks like UF is being used as a place for advertisements and a place to make a quick buck. It seems to no longer be a a place where a person from this comunity can feel that they can speak freely without fear of being ejected from the tournament. I don't blame people for not wanting to speak out, they have put a lot of time and effort into being here and playing in this tac map tourney. UF has gone from being a likeable baby, to a geedy corupt child and if it doesnt get its act together soon the only thing thats going to be left when its grown up is a 40 year old virgin thats still living in his moms basement, when they could have been that guy that got the girl and was the one that everyone liked. I'm saying all this because I feel no vaild points are being made against TNU, it was extreamly unfair to boot them out when none of thier tourneys are conflicting with yours right now, as they also stated they would not be around after Chosin has concluded. Therefore they would not be a conflict of interest in the future but healthy compition. It seems that the admins here do not have much faith in this comunity. It just seems from my point of view that you guys were looking for a way to get rid of a these guys for a while and unfortunatly you had to make up a rule to kicl them out. Great job. I'm sure there would have at least been a pull in the leaders section in the past where they would have got a fair chance in staying. (Didnt we have some council in the past made of players for this type of situation?) When did this place stop being a comunity run by the players and turned into a business run my a director? P.s the quote and this post was originaly posted in the TNU related thread in the Chosin forum witch was so conviently cleaned up soon after.
  4. You can use this google code: intitle:"index.of"(Mp3|wma) "led zepplin" just replace the Led Zepplin with any band, album title, or name of song you want. Doesnt always work but for the most part you should be able to find what you want. yeah i do this, but it doesn't work well for newer songs or artists.
  5. didnt they shut this down yesterday?
  6. Renix3


    try a poxy site. like. or
  7. Renix3

    Try this..

    I used Renix and I get a wiki page..
  8. Renix3

    I've got a problem

    I sujest taking a trip to this site. Online-Gamers Anonymous Best of luck, and Keep it Real.
  9. My guess is that its going to be all private.
  10. I dont like the CoD open chat. The music in the background, the screeching youngsters. I'm all for the socom style "circle" chat. Perhaps instead of the "Cover me" button in socom maybe they could change this somehow to help acomidate the proximity chat problem of being overheard. I still find this proximity chat feature interestin though. It will bring a new demention of game play. Search, Clear, Talk. It may even make it harder for campers, since they will be sitting around with no one to talk to.