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Found 22 results

  1. Renix3


    PSN - Renix3 I'm currently just came back from a 3 year hiatus from online gaming so I'm still rusty. I'm currently playing Black Ops 2 on the PS3. I mostly play TDM, FFA, and KC. But I'm willing to play other games types. Some other stuff- I'm 23 and pretty laid back. I've competed in a few of the tac - map tourneys here in the socom days (1 to 4) and the UF black series. (1-5) The last clan I was in was [PoW] Predators of War. What I'm looking for is a group to play with. Simple as that. It's getting pretty boring playing on my own.
  2. sup guys. its been a while since ive visited was bored so i figured i drop on by and say wassup. so what games are you guys running tourneys for? i was thinking about dusting off the old ps3 and give her a go again. dumacracy aka lil vc
  3. Many have speculated, but it is now official: After an illustrious history in which 8 championships and countless victories were achieved, the Uprising has closed it's doors. In recent months we had undergone some cosmetic changes, with MikeJaxon stepping down as leader. Jax remained on as a member, until resigning from competitive clan gaming in January due to the grind therein. The truth is that many of us felt the same as he did. We were just tired of the countless hours of practicing, preparing, and overall strenuous requirements of competitive gaming. We wanted to get back to being a family and just enjoying each other's company online. With Jax's resignation we decided to undergo a change to a new clan. The Uprising was his and it would feel weird to continue on without him. I can say without question that he was the most involved and instrumental leader to a clan's success I have ever been near and later, a part of. With the change, we also decided to become a casual clan. Just fun, family, and friends enjoying being online with each other. Some members were not ready to remove themselves from the competitive realm and we FULLY respect their decision to go another direction. With the change over, myself and Exile decided to promote 3 men to lead with us who have stuck with this family for many years, Arcs, Immersive, and ZTailGunner. I myself remember long ago reading Undertow's retirement post, containing reasons similar to Jax's. I said to myself (a young lad at the time in gaming terms), that'd never be me, very naively thinking I'd be playing tourneys until I was old and brittle. Or basically to Jax's age haha (j/k)! The truth is life happens and you find gaming to be less and less important, though the relationships will never dwindle in that respect. I still treasure the friends, family, and memories I have shared in my 10+ years of online gaming, but I too am just tired of it all competitively speaking. When I have time to game, which will be increasing to normal, I want to just enjoy the company of my guys, shoot the shit, and zombie out online. Without further ado, as I've written far too many long posts lately, I want to announce to the community that [apoX] Apocalypse Gaming has been born! We are a gaming family here with the intent for the foreseeable future of being just a casual clan. That doesn't mean that we won't strive for victory in any objective we face, merely that we will not be partaking in the competitive aspect (tournaments, ladders, etc). We are looking for active players who want to win and are down to earth, good people. Check us out at www.apoxgaming.com. Fill out an application if you are a like-minded individual, who just wants to get back to the roots of gaming to have fun with friends in a family atmosphere.
  4. Sorry fellas and especially My clanmates. :'( My house burned down Sat. afternoon and until My Family and I can find a new place, I'll be unavailable on a regular basis :'( I'll sporadically be online when I can, but no guarantees. Hope to see ya soon. Later Folks... and Good Luck w/ the upcoming tourneys. Please, everyone get involved this time. When I come back I hope to have you all here. Haven't checked, but I'm sure Aiel Sept made it in...They're fomer WOLF after all..See ya.
  5. Im very happy that the upcoming black tourney is near. I have had some of my most memorable and fun times playing in UF tourneys and thank the staff for making shure that keeps going! You guys rock!!! ;D
  6. So its been a few weeks since I have been around- Lots of posts and I am trying to catch up. 1. Whats new around here- Any new tourneys coming up? 2. Ads on the site just look like ___________. 3. I like how you can attach uploads of you tube. 3. Why does Puddytat show as a guest and have a +30 tag? lmao Thanks!
  7. I believe the tac map tourneys have large numbers? (is the max 16?) and is there a core group of clans that do try to have higher numbers for their wars? Is there any UF tournaments that are primarily large numbers? 14+ or 13+ just curious.
  8. check out http://www.enemylinesclan.com we are tactical that plays in urgent fury and other tourneys. check the site out
  9. Looking forward to seeing more COD tournaments for PS3. WAW, MW...no matter. Socom is good,but we have investments in other games. I would rather not switch platforms to play in COD tourneys more frequently. Please reply if you agree. BTW, great job altogether in managing the site, and these tournaments. We all appreciate your efforts!
  10. we have 2986 members i wonder how many are still active probally 85 percent of them 3000 and 25000 more to come this is the true test of how great of a site ya'll got goin on.. o yeah and the tourneys and community are cool too good shit fella's (creators to the staff) keep it up
  11. Clans that like to get a jump on early sign-ups for UF tourneys may want to keep a watchful eye out come Sunday evening.
  12. So after much frustration and disappointment as many of you all have shared with me on Socom series, I'm hanging my sticks up as far as this game goes. I can't take the level of imperfection this game has shown. I may log on from time to time to a Raven Midnight Mass or something, but I'm pulling out of all tourneys and hell week here... ect. I've actually enjoyed putting in my old S2 disc recently more then anything. LOL It was a long run from my first clan I co-founded S&D (Seek and Destroy) on S2 to being in TOU and SHO on S3 and CA. The magic is just not there anymore. The intensity and fun is very low at best. Gone are the nights when you can log on EASILY, find you clan, get in game and game for a couple of quality hours and still have a life. Goof luck to all, I'll still be here from time to time to check in and who knows, may see you in a Midnight Mass sometime. SlantSix and Zipper... KISS MY STINKY PIG ASS!!!!! LOL
  13. Hey guys was wondering if there is going tobe any more info on the upcomming Black Tourney in Jan as well as the Tac Map for Jan. Was just wondering if sign ups were going to go up soon for these.
  14. Clan cBs> has been eliminated from the Riot Act tourney. They are the first of a strong final six to go, leaving 5 clans to battle it out in these final weeks of Riot Act. cBs>, nice work out there on the field in your very first TACMAP tourney. You took it further than a lot of veterans out there and you should be commended. Hope to see you in more tourneys.
  15. i truly missed UF tourneys glad to be back
  16. The new rules for both the upcoming UF Black V and The UF Crucible-2 are now up in their respective sections. For those looking forward to applying for these upcoming tourneys later this evening, it would do you well to take a gander at these rules, as some have been updated and altered.
  17. Guest


    Good Luck to all clans, all members, all staff, everyone. When a video game becomes personal, it's time to step back.. So this is me stepping back.. I will be around, but I will no longer part take in any tourneys... so, c ya on the flip.. [COU]_CONTRACT_
  18. Hello everyone over here at UF! We are new to the UF community and have not yet particpated in any tourneys, we have an app in for the crucible so hopefully we get our shot. Neo posts on our forums alot and by the way he talks I thought this might be a good fit for our clan. I hope to get to know you all and good luck!
  19. Hollow Ground was eliminated tonight in their last ditch effort war in an attack on APC. Hollow Ground, you guys made a hell of a run in this tourney considering the stiff and eclectic opposition we brought in this time around. Hats off to the lot o' ya and I'm hoping to see some of your guys in the upcoming Breakout and Black III tourneys. Take care. Give 'em a hand!
  20. Last night, the WsW met their demise at the hands of odc, losing their last war in the tourney. Sniper and I have a love for WsW and we were happy you got it together to come back for another tour. We always enjoy your cool presence here in our tourneys. We hope you partake in a little Breakout action, perhaps some Black III action, and ultimately come back for UF5....... Give 'em a hand.
  21. MADDEN WILL BE OUT ON TUESDAY I WILL ONLY HAVE IT FOR PS2 and i cant wait i think madden is the best game out there but it is hard to get a honest game i ussually wait 30 minutes to find a goo honest game..that is why i want some people from u.f. on my friends list..that way i can expect a fair god healthy game MY NAME IS AND WILL BE Blazed1 type your name we (s!k) have madden tourneys all the time
  22. Guest

    Open Ladder

    I was just thinking if the Admins don't mind me doing so LoL but I was thinking should UF have like an Open Ladder I mean I love all the different Tourneys we do but lets say during the POW Tourney a few clans have off days and they just wanna war besides practice then it would be nice to hop on and see if any other clans are looking for a war or something and we can run it UF style of Gameplay. I have a bunch of more ideas for this but this is just a basic idea of something we could do between Tourneys or during Tourneys. I know its more work for you Admins and I would love to help out in anyway I could if you guys decided to put this into place. I am not going to lie its the Gaybattles I mean Gamebattles coming out of me but it would be nice to have our own ladder in place just for the fun of it. Discuss

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