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  1. ok here goes, first you are on the right step with a good deck(sterio){spelling sucks i know}. next if you do decide to go with the big thump for speakers make sure you get a good pair. the way i had mine set up was the following from the deck i ran rca cables to a realy good quality crossover switch(this will split all the freqs coming from the deck.) from that i sent cables to the amp that ran to 12" speakers for the base, and one set to the amp that ran the other speakers in the car(front and back speakers) this way i could seperat the mid range freqs and high freqs. you get a better balance this way. also see if you can get a good quality fuse station. it will allow for 1 main feed line in from the battery that will feed up to 4 items off of it. this way you dont have 6-7 wires runing from your battery you only have one. you can use the same set up for all your grounding wires also. hope this helps out. you can save alot of money if you do the wiring yourself. but if you go into a store and know what you are looking for you can save some money there also. good luck,
  2. never realy posted on here that much so if its in the wrong place im sorry in advance. from all of us over at [odc] happy holidays and merry christmas from our clan to yours.
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  4. good luck to all of those that will be on the field of battle. we here at [odc] look forward to it. again good luck to all.
  5. his name is tim wilson. funny guy.