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  1. WOOT WOOT! great job aKr sorry couldnt be their but proud to carry the tag guys! good job see u guys in confrotantion
  2. lets see.. Rainbow six vegas Call of Duty 4 Motorstorm Burnout Paradise Devil May Cry 4 Heavenly Swords Warhawk Skate. Assasins Creed Rock Band Army of Two Thats it think
  3. agree with the guy above it is short but then again I havent played a game for ps3 that is long so far every game I have played for ps3 has been very short : heaven ly swords, army of two, call of duty, skate, devil may cry, assasins creed pretty much those games I past them in a few day the only one that took me the longest was assasins creed about a week so when I buy a game I don't expect it to be long now because the better the graphics the shorter the game its going to be so I thought this game (army of two) was pretty good better than alot of games out their...
  4. ok I picked up my copy yesterday at around 11 played for like and hour or so then went to work came back played about 3 hours then played this morning and past it so this game is pretty short bit then again what ps3 game isn't short right loved this game coo story awesome gameplay hopefully socom confrontation is something like this or better i like how u can customize ur weapons and helmet armor change guns with ur partner probably the best third person shooter out their for right now(hopefully socom confrontation owns all...) so yea over all its a must have in your ps3 collection
  5. LOL the last message he sent me back was "leave me alone, I'm going to change my number!!!!" too funny
  6. O we can stop now? Ok I guess u gotta love unlimited text messaging LOL I guess I'll stop... Just looking out for u tow!! Keep bringing fun to us and will back u up!!
  7. Yea I'm also talking about the last match final one
  8. Yea I kinda agree with snake doctor but yet disagree yea the strategies we kinda pick it up as we playing against each other but I'm just saying the live thing ain't going to work beacause let's say the camera guy dies first he is scrolling thru other players give their position live anyone understand what I'm saying I like the delay thing I THIn k it should be delayed 5 minutes so by the time the second round starts the video starts in the first round this sounds fun!!! Ha
  9. that's sounds coo and all but I think the live thing wouldn't work cause if in a war and I know its live its super easy for me to jump on their u know I wouldn't do it and I'm not saying people would do it but meh u never know maybe if the match can get recorded and then posted right after the match is done that sounds better but that's just my opinion
  10. it always helps to kick things you know release some of the stress haha but yea thanks i know now for next time
  11. Great idea. Thank you. It's an actual "Rock Band Hub?" yea it actually says ROCK BAND on it ha you could find it pretty much anywhere target gamestop even wallmart! ha its a white little box with 4 ports on it and the extra on the ps3
  12. got it ha kicked my shit around no jk I disconnected everything then plugged it back in ha thanks man
  13. I'm not wireless yea I check everything but nothing samething coming up
  14. I haven't been able to sign in into my ps3 I keep getting dns error: communication error with the server anyone?
  15. Yo tow I actually bought rock band for my ps3 40 gb and I noticed that I needed a USB hub so I went and got the rock band hub and when Im not playing rock band I have my control, headset iPod, phone and I have my keyboard connected works fine for what 20 something bucks