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  1. They are trying to somewhat make good on it. They are offering a $100 rebate to iPhone owners that don't qualify for those that purchased it outside of the 14 day limit. Meaning, that if you purchased the iPhone with in 14 days of the price drop, you will get a $200 rebate. Unfortunately, the $100 is for store or online purchases. I guess, at least they are trying to make up for it. It would definately make up for it if everyone got their $200 back.,,2164347,00.html
  2. Thanks all, it was fun. It was a learning experience for us too. We leave this tournament a better clan with still more learning to do. Good luck to those still in the tourney!
  3. This is the link for TBH. Stop by have a coffee or a beer, whichever you prefer.
  4. BOLT

    Mafia Nick Name.

    Real name = The Ogre Socom name = The Ugly
  5. Did what I can do for now...... The Brotherhood [TBH]
  6. I have a 7 year old daughter that would love to play. Just like some of you, I can't let her do it. I'd rather see her running around, playing with her dog, reading....which she loves to do, etc. Plus I know her....I know for a fact she couldn't keep it to herself and would be talking to all her friends and talking in school how she is killing people in a video game. She tends to be too chatty. So rather than going through that, I just let her play with her Polly Pockets....LOL. I think a lot has to do with knowing your kid and knowing what you can let them get away with.
  7. Ahhh, better yet, sue the teacher, the school, the county, and the state.
  8. BOLT

    Nastiest Video Ever!!

    You know that had to hurt like a mutha!!! LOL. I have to go get a snack, I'm hungry ;D
  9. Nothing personal....but is this possible? Politician and honesty don't work in the same sentence. I do agree on the fact we need an AMERICAN to be elected....not a politician or businessman. Until that day happens I think honesty may be out the window.