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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. I am [sS]Midnight of the Sea Snipers http://seasnipers.net. Just popping my head in to say hi to the Urgent Fury community.
  2. How do I fix my timezone settings? My settings here on the forum are way off. It is showing that it is 5 am-ish and it is actually just after midnight. (I'm in the central timezone.) I thought I had fixed this but I guess not.
  3. so fellas, we're 12 days! from socom4 release. can you believe that?? anyway, it seems that the new mortal kombat shares a release date with socom4 (4/19), so your local store will most likely be open at midnight for that if they otherwise would not have been open for socom4. I called my local gamestop and they confirmed this, open for midnight release of new mortal kombat but I can pick up my socom4.
  4. Good evening, The Crucible: Stimulus are now open in the Current Tournaments section of the Forum. The signs will be closed Wednesday, June 16th, 11:59pm CST.
  5. If so, hit me up. Name is HusH- I will be getting it at midnight Cent time.
  6. The Gamecrazy here is Michigan is having a midnight KZ2 launch. I'll be home tonight and online playing around 12:15 est.
  8. So after much frustration and disappointment as many of you all have shared with me on Socom series, I'm hanging my sticks up as far as this game goes. I can't take the level of imperfection this game has shown. I may log on from time to time to a Raven Midnight Mass or something, but I'm pulling out of all tourneys and hell week here... ect. I've actually enjoyed putting in my old S2 disc recently more then anything. LOL It was a long run from my first clan I co-founded S&D (Seek and Destroy) on S2 to being in TOU and SHO on S3 and CA. The magic is just not there anymore. The intensity and fun is very low at best. Gone are the nights when you can log on EASILY, find you clan, get in game and game for a couple of quality hours and still have a life. Goof luck to all, I'll still be here from time to time to check in and who knows, may see you in a Midnight Mass sometime. SlantSix and Zipper... KISS MY STINKY PIG ASS!!!!! LOL
  9. So I was finally able to online and register my name new name. For those who don't know me or remember I changed my name from Deutscher75 to Lockdown a few weeks back. My new online ID is: Lockdown4 feel free to add me, I'll be on SOCOM most of the weekend for those who want to shoot it up. Also Tow is the midnight mass still on COD these days? Or has Ravenfall made the switch back over to SOCOM?
  10. Is there one tonight? If so any idea's what server? If I can convince the wife to go to bed early I'll be on looking for people to roll with...
  11. Rosters will NEED to be IN by FRIDAY at midnight. All rosters are to be posted at the bottom in the CRUCIBLE-X2 war info section under Roster thread. Thank you.
  12. so i have a few of my guys who live in the EST.. i have kind of a side bet w/ one .. He is really hoping for the midnight release.. i of course dont think it will happen. HOWEVER i hope it does cuz we will all have it sometime tonight .. but i assume sometime on friday afternoon we will get it.. any guesses? I suppose there is always the option of pushing it back again..
  13. So I called to see about a midnight showing for Thursday night and was informed that the IMAX show is sold out already for both Thursday and Friday. DAMN!!!!!!!! Get your tickets now.
  14. I'm going to a Midnight showing in about a half hour, I'll let anyone going tomorrow know if it's worth it.
  15. Just a reminder that ALL rosters must be sumitted before midnight central time tonight, Sat January 19th. They should be submitted in the appropriate area in the clan rep section.
  16. Just a reminder to you all. Rosters are due by midnight saturday the 19th central time. So make sure your clan rep knows and does his part. All the details can be found in the clan rep section. Also to keep everyone on the up and up...All wars and times should and will be said in CENTRAL TIME.
  17. Y'know.....those little red, single serving bottles that say energy in minutes, lasts for hours, no crashing? I bought one today to try out for APC's Midnight Mass tonight, because my guys are tired of me sleep-walking into walls around 2am....LOL. So I figured I would take one at around 10pm and I'll be good until about 3 or 4 am. Anyone every try this out? This will be my first time.....
  18. I just received a PM from a now-Black III Clan Rep that he was unaware that the invites were out....LOL....because the invites were near the bottom of the forum and he never scrolls down that far. So.....this is a reminder to those who have not yet accepted: Black III invites are OUT. You have until the deadline to accept, which is Thursday. After Thursday at midnight, your invite gets shuffled off to the next Clan Alternate. Thank you.
  19. The hard line deadline for BREAKOUT sign ups will be two Fridays from this post, October 12th at midnight. At that time, if 32 teams are not signed up, then Breakout will not happen. We re-designed this to the majority's request after the first one was brought down, and surprisingly, we had 3x more teams sign up the FIRST time than we do now. In respect to those who took the time to sign up early and fast, we cannot hold sign ups forever. People's plans and availabilities change, so something they sign up for a month ago might not fit for them by the time the tourney rolls around. On October 12th at midnight, if the required team numbers are not signed up, we will break it all down. > Thank you.
  20. Sooooo.....there's a new iPod out there, one with a touch screen. And the Nano gets a face lift with new video capabilities. And the BEST news....the Apple iPhone just got slashed by $200....... Kudos to those who stood out there at midnight for their chance to get their first iPhone at $600! LOL Just a mere 2-3 months later, you can now get it for $400. Take care. LOL
  21. Yes it is true. Link: ps3.us.playstation.com/content/portal/warhawk/hd/default.aspx Times for each time zone- East: 12:01 Central: 11:01 Mountain: 10:01 West: 9:01 IM GETTING IT AND MIDNIGHT. ANY OF YOU?
  22. Just bought my tickets and I'll be off to see it at the midnight showing... Anyone else going? I'll let you know how it is when I get back...
  23. Some of you who will be around the UF community around midnight CST tonight should be getting QUITE a treat! Not only is the little door prize for UF4: PoW finally going to be revealed....but we're pretty sure the UF website itself is going to puff out its chest so much that it's going to break through that Lockdown we put it on last week. Oh wait....that's right....I forgot, in writing this, that Sniper already let everyone know that the damn door prize was going to be the UF headsets.......dammit! Ah well, I guess this post is only just going to be about the stupid lockdown coming down then. Sniper ruins all of my fun. I could just erase this post, but I'm going to hit "POST" for the hell of it anyway.
  24. We are currently playing in US East 6 room name APCCLAN.com if anyone wants to join. The room currently has 8 people in it and will be up until 10:30 PM Central (We will be logging back onto Socom CA for the Midnight Mass).
  25. Stay tuned, true believers! At Midnight tonight, CST, the invites for UF: BLACK II will be posted here on the UF forum. Good luck to all hoping to get in, and good luck to all heading to war!

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